Saturday, November 30, 2013

摄影作品赏析:单手立掌的小女孩 Amusing photograph of little girl

( This is a very amusing photograph. The adult-sized vest embroidered with the three Chinese characters, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” accentuates this little girl’s petite body and her innocent face. With pursed lips and an intense look, she holds one hand vertically in front of her chest and the other behind her back. What is she thinking? Apparently, her thoughts were written on the poster board right next to her: “Jiang Zemin, you are the number-one villain in history!”
The composition of this photograph stresses rectangles, which creates a simple, clean and sharp visual effect. The color palette is very well coordinated.
这张照片拍的太有意思了,那个大背心衬托着小女孩稚气的表情,小嘴一抿,眼睛微瞪, 一手背后,单手立掌,一身的正气 !……她在干什么? 她在告诉世人:“江鬼,你是千古罪人!”