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Film Festival Award Winner Reveals China’s Bloodiest Business Secret

Awarded best documentary at the Hamilton Film Festival this year, Davids and Goliath may have just divulged the biggest secret in China today, or even the most grievous crime in human history, — forced organ harvesting from living prisoners of conscience.
Shocking, sad, horrifying, and unbelievable, that’s how the film is, but in fact, no words can describe how aghast I was when I first heard the words “live organ harvesting.”
Beginning with interviews of several patients who received organ transplants in Mainland China, the movie focuses on an independent investigation of the transplant industry there. Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas and former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific David Kilgour are the “Davids” in Davids and Goliath. Both Davids were separately nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.
They first published detailed reports and evidence of organ harvesting in their book “Bloody Harvest” in 2009.
“It is a fantastic documentary, really incredibly sad and horrifying. It left a good impression on all of us who watched it. So it was easy to select that one as the best documentary. It’s a movie like this that needs to get out to the public, and more people to become aware of it that it’s happening and how it’s happening. That kind of thing needs to be stopped.” said Nathan Fleet, the administrative director of the Hamilton Film Festival.
The film’s director, Leon Lee, said, “I hope the audience can watch it calmly, from the beginning to the end. Think over the evidence presented in the film and use your own judgment.”
Davids and Goliath is also a finalist in the Viewster Online Film Festival, which is the biggest online movie festival worldwide, and is free to watch until Nov. 27.

Artist Experiences Miracles of Falun Dafa (Photos)

One oil painting which showed a Falun Gong practitioner being tortured in the snow moved some visitors to tears.

November 23, 2014 | By Minghui correspondent Xia Chunqing in Melbourne, Australia
( An exhibit of artworks by Polish artists opened in October 2014, at a prestigious gallery in Melbourne CBD. The exhibit was presented by the Polish consul general, and attracted a large number of visitors. One oil painting which showed a Falun Gong practitioner being tortured in the snow moved some visitors to tears.
Barbara Shafer, an Austrian Polish artist
Polish born artist Barbara Schafer was inspired to create such a soul touching painting with Chinese suffering as its theme, by a story that goes back eleven years.

Falling Seven Meters to Concrete Floor

Barbara grew up in Poland and studied fine arts there for seven years. She left the communist country 37 years ago and settled with her family in Australia. She worked in the field of conservation and restoration of artwork in historical buildings.
She participates in large and small projects, and her works can be seen in many historical buildings in and around Melbourne, including the ES & A Bank tower built in the 19th century, the Parliament House Library, and the 120 year-old Bendigo Town Hall. Her artistic techniques have helped bring the glory of historical interiors back to life.
Just as old wall paintings are restored by her brushes, Barbara’s life was restored by a “magical book,” which helped her become enlightened to the true meaning of life.
On November 11, 2003, while she was working on a church ceiling, she lost her balance and fell head first, seven meters to the concrete floor below. Barbara said “The last thing I heard was the cracking sound of my skull. Then I lost consciousness.” Waking up a few hours later in a pool of blood, she was still alone. She stumbled to the office and called for an ambulance. Doctors operated all night. After the surgery, her family’s presence and voices helped her to wake up from a coma.
Barbara said that she was glad to be alive, but realized that her situation was very serious and life threatening. Her skull was broken in a few places, and her nose and sinuses had been crushed. Her top jaw was completely broken off and in three pieces, her hands were shattered, and her knee was cracked. Doctors put together the damaged pieces using screws, plates, and other devices. Her head became very noisy, her eyes pointed in different directions, her teeth were loose and had to be secured with wires, and she had over one hundred stitches in her head. Her spinal fluid was also leaking.
The most terrifying thing to her was not the constant pain, but the memory loss, which the doctors said would increase. They did not give her much hope. Her family was shocked, and some friends did not recognize her. Two months later one of them introduced her to Falun Gong. She had previously made excuses, saying that she didn’t have time for it. But now she had all the time in the world, and asked her friend to teach her the practice.

The Last Time I Felt Pain

Barbara said, “With restricted vision, I slowly started to read Zhuan Falun. It explained many things I had experienced, and it answered questions that I had accumulated during my life. I couldn’t put the book down. On the third night I fell asleep after reading until 2:30 a.m. I awoke to the feeling of strong electric shocks running through my hands. It really was a miracle. It was the last time I felt pain.”
“During the exercises, toxins from my injured head ran down my throat. My nerves were zapping and connecting, and I felt warm, healing sensations.”
“Now with a clear and peaceful mind, and a healthy body, I have my life back, and I have not even had one headache in almost eleven years. My previous heart problems and other ailments have also disappeared. To the amazement of my dentist, all my teeth are firmly rooted again.”

Raising Awareness of Persecution

Barbara was involved in restoring Bendigo Town Hall.
The prestigious job of restoring the wall murals and decorations inside Bendigo City Town Hall took two years. It required great physical strength and determination to restore the ceiling area, but Barbara climbed gracefully up and down the high platforms with ease.
Barbara Shafer collects signatures to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China.
Bendigo Magazine published a special interview with Barbara three yeas ago, where she shared that all her strength came from Falun Gong.
“If I had not practiced Falun Gong, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project. I have understood that only by assimilating to the characteristic of the universe, of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance, our lives will be more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy. Pushing aside bad thoughts I take every day as a gift without choosing the easiest path. Doing my exercises every day, I have endless energy. I try to be more compassionate and considerate of others in everything I do.
“Knowing that everyone is suffering, I look to the good sides of people. It is very rewarding. Falun Gong is sacred to me. It is a privilege to be a Dafa disciple. Only through my righteous thoughts and actions can I express my gratitude to Master Li Hongzhi.”
From the Minghui website, Barbara learned a shocking story about Falun Gong practitioner Chen Aizhong and his family. Seven family members had been persecuted, and five of them tortured to death. Their only crime was a strong spiritual belief in truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.
Beyond Forbearance – The Tortures of Chen Aizhong Falun Gong practitioner, by Barbara Shafer
Moved by their uncompromising faith, Barbara created the oil painting “Beyond Forbearance – The Tortures of Chen Aizhong Falun Gong practitioner.” In the freezing cold of winter, the police had tied naked Chen Aizhong onto a cross, piled snow on him, and tortured him. He was murdered at the age of 33. This inhumane cruelty shocked many viewers.




是什么原因,让在澳洲生活工作超过三十五年的波兰裔画家芭芭拉•沙费尔(Barbara Shafer)创作出如此触及心灵的有关华人题材的作品呢?这要从日期颇为巧合的十一年前的十一月十一日发生的事故说起……
三十多年间,参与的大大小小的工程,让芭芭拉的作品遍及墨尔本及周边地区的历史建筑:从位于市中心最著名金融街上始建于十九世纪的ES&A银行大楼,省议会大厦内贵气宁静的图书馆,到有一百二十年历史的班迪戈市议会大楼(Bendigo Town Hall),古老建筑内部的装饰和壁画,通过芭芭拉的妙笔再现昔日的辉煌。
阅读《转法轮》第三天 疼痛全消失


三年前,当地唯一的全彩生活季刊《班迪戈杂志》(Bendigo Magazine)刊登了记者对芭芭拉的专访,她分享道,这一切力量源自法轮大法,“如果没有走进法轮大法的修炼,首先我可能不会下决心参与这个工程,损毁得实在太严重了,其次,经历事故之后,(如果没修炼)我根本无法完成哪怕只是很小一部分的修复工作。”
“ ‘真、善、忍’三个字装进我的心里,在日常生活中,提醒我总是先想到别人;遇到矛盾,首先找自己的原因,没有委屈没有气恨,生命变得如此充实和不同凡响。在炼功中,感到身体每一个细胞都充满能量。这真是奇妙的生命净化和升华的体验。”
芭芭拉从明慧网上了解到法轮功学员陈爱忠一家七人因坚持信仰被中共酷刑迫害致死五人的震惊世界的惨案,之后根据报道中的描述,她创作了油画《忍无可忍——法轮功学员陈爱忠遭受的酷刑折磨》(”Beyond Forbearance – The Tortures of Chen Aizhong Falun Gong practitioner” ),讲述了恶警在冰天雪地里把陈爱忠裸体绑在十字架上,并埋在雪堆里酷刑折磨的场景,惨烈的场面催人泪下。

[VIDEO] 连环画音像片:评江泽民与中共相互利用迫害法轮功

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Falun Gong Practitioners in Taiwan Send Message With Formation

By  | November 9, 2014
 About 6000 practitioners from Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, America and Europe formed the Chinese characters “The light of Buddhas illuminates and heals the world” and a heavenly beauty to welcome the Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, which was to be held the following day in Taipei, On Nov. 8, 2014. (Po-chou Chen/The Epoch Times)
TAIPEI—As one of the activities associated with a Falun Gong conference in Taipei, practitioners of the spiritual discipline made a formation meant to symbolize the spiritual discipline’s spread around the world. While this formation was done for a worldwide audience, it was performed with the Chinese people on the mainland in mind.
On the morning of Nov. 8, 2014, about 6,000 Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners from Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States and Europe got together at the Liberty Square in front of the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan to form the Chinese characters “Fo Guang Pu Zhao; Li Yi Yuan Ming” and the image of a heavenly beauty.
The characters are a traditional saying in Buddhism that is also mentioned in the foundational text of Falun Dafa, “Zhuan Falun.” It may be translated as, “the light of Buddhas illuminates and heals the world.” A heavenly beauty is a female divine being mentioned in Buddhism, which is similar to an angel in the West.
As with the formations done in the West by marching bands, the whole of this graphic image can only be seen from an elevated vantage point.
On top of the graphic are 12 golden rays above the first four characters, and the image of a heavenly beauty is in between the two rows of eight characters. The divine being is holding a copy of “Zhuan Falun” in her right hand, while her left hand scatters flowers to the human world. 
Producing this flawless formation required painstaking preparations. One of organizers said that it took them three days to get the ground layout done. 
She felt all of the work is worthwhile as the entire graphic looks so magnificent, inspiring feelings of compassion and peacefulness. 
Falun Dafa practitioners in Taiwan have held character and image formation activities since 2000, she said. 
The organizer hopes that similar activities demonstrating the magnificence of Falun Dafa will be held on Tiananmen Square in China one day. Since July 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has sought to eradicate Falun Gong in China, but according to the Falun Gong website tens of millions of Chinese still practice the discipline.
Taiwanese practitioner Wu Qingxiang has designed the character formations for the past 16 years. He explained these eight Chinese characters symbolize that Falun Dafa has spread all over the world, reaching 114 countries or regions on five continents and has been welcomed by all ethnicities and nations. 
Wu said as Falun Gong practitioners seek to improve themselves according to the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance—the practice’s fundamental principles, all abnormalities in their daily lives can be corrected naturally. 
The character formation in Taipei was done partly with a mainland Chinese audience in mind. 
“There are a tremendous number of Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan, and through character and image formation activities, we demonstrate to the world that Falun Dafa is popular in every corner of the world,” Wu said.
“If practitioners in China could see the photos of this activity, it would bring them great inspiration,” Wu said. “We hope that they are able to practice (Falun Gong) openly and legally.” 
Mr. Pan, a tourist from China, took photos of the formation. 
“I am amazed,” said Pan. He said that more and more people in China are coming to know about how the Chinese regime has persecuted Falun Dafa and lied to the Chinese people about the practice. 
Each day bus after bus of Chinese tourists visits Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. One of the tourists asked Taiwanese practitioner Ms. Huang Chun-mei how Falun Dafa could hold such an open activity, and wondered whether it was approved by the government. 
Ms. Huang confirmed that the government had approved, and told the tourist how the Chinese regime has lied to its people about Falun Gong. 
In addition to making the formation together, the gathered Falun Dafa practitioners practiced the discipline’s exercises together on Liberty Square. They also displayed poster boards around the Square that told tourists about what the practice of Falun Dafa is and how it is persecuted in China. On Nov. 9 in Taipei, the practitioners gathered to share with one another their experiences with Falun Dafa.
Translated by Billy Shiyu and Hsin-Yi Lin. Written in English by Stephen Gregory.
Original Chinese article.