Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zlatan Volvo Commercial – spoof – Swedish Dream, but a Chinese Nightmare (Video)


SHRIC – Supporting Human Rights In China, has made ​​a spoof/ pastiche of Volvo’s latest commercial with Zlatan. We want to raise awareness that business with the communist China supports the ongoing abuse, torture and persecution of millions of people.
Swedish landscapes appear in the Volvo commercial and we hear the Swedish national anthem. Volvo was bought by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and is a Chinese company since 2010, but still wants to associate themselves with Sweden and Swedish values.
China is ruled by distorted incentives – officials are rewarded if they promote persecution and torture. Many testimonies and evidence has emerged that reveals that Chinese military hospitals cooperates with prisons and facilities for prisoners of conscience, where they, in a reverse matching process, take organs from living and breathing Falun Gong practitioners, Tibetans, Christians and Uighurs. The victims die in the process. A living body is worth up to half a million dollars.
This bloody and lucrative business is estimated to have been going on since 2001. It’s approved by the Chinese regime leaders and is hardly in line with Swedish values. But now Chinese Volvo wants to give the impression that Volvo and Sweden is one.
Doing business with this regime of terror is to support the abuse, torture and persecution. It is shameful wanting to associate your brand with the Chinese regime. It was shameful of Volvo to sell out a Swedish brand to them, and it is even more shameful to now give the appearance of Swedishness and Swedish values in the commercial they recently published.
Here is the original ad: