Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Miraculous Recoveries: Word About Falun Gong Spreads Throughout Communities (Part 1)


I developed femoral head necrosis in March 1998. Due to the interruption of blood supply to the bones, my hip joints were damaged and I lost the ability to walk. As my situation deteriorated, I could only crawl on the floor. I lost all hope.

In March 1999, my collapsed bones miraculously recovered just three days after I started practicing Falun Gong. The entire neighborhood soon became abuzz with this remarkable news.

Ms. Ma Zhongbo, top, and below, Ms. Ma Zhongbo and her daughter
1. Disabled in My 20s and Waiting to Die
I’m now 42 years old. I live in the Acheng District of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. After I developed severe femoral head necrosis in 1998, my family had to sell our house to pay for the medical bills. Despite the treatment, my situation consistently deteriorated. In the end, I was only able to crawl.
The pain in my bones caused many sleepless nights. Worse yet, the pain was not only present in my legs, but also affected my arms and torso. I couldn’t hold anything and even needed help with eating and drinking.
Once, I dropped my bowl and the rice fell onto my bed. A family member was just about to ask me to be more careful. When she saw that my face was covered with tears, however, she immediately said, “It’s OK.”
It was hard for me to believe that I would be disabled in my 20s.
My last hospital visit took place on February 6, 1999. My sister carried me to the second floor of the Northern Necrosis Research Institute. I looked up at the doctor from the floor, but he remained silent.
With slight hope, I asked, “Doctor, when should I come for my next CT scan?” Putting his best poker face on, the doctor replied, “Eight months.”
“Eight months!” I thought. My family was already broke, having spent so much on my medicine, and I didn’t dare to go back home to live with my parents.
Living became such a luxury for me.
My husband decided to abandon me and my daughter. He knew that my situation was hopeless. I grabbed his arm and begged: “I know I’m going to die soon. We only have 4,000 yuan left. Let’s save it for you and our girl. I need your care now. Can you please help me through my final days?” He refused and left with 2,000 yuan.
I was totally desperate. The severe pain haunted me all the time. I heard my parents whispering: “We cannot just do nothing and watch our child suffer. We can sell our thatched cottage for about 2,000 to 3,000 yuan.”
My brothers took turns carrying me if I had to go out. I didn’t want my parents to exhaust all of their finances and to be such a burden for my siblings. I cried day and night. Oftentimes, I saw my mother’s red eyes in the morning and knew that she had a sleepless night, too.
My mother sought advice from family and friends, but they all confirmed again and again that my disease was fatal. There was no solution.
2. Fatal Disease Cured, Family and Friends Astounded
Right before the Chinese New Year in 1999, my 80-year-old grandma sent me a message: “Come and practice Falun Gong with me. It’s magic.” I didn’t go. I didn’t believe that Falun Gong could change my situation.
My grandma came to visit me during the Chinese New Year. That was on March 7, 1999, five days after my husband’s departure and the lowest point of my life.
She asked me again to practice Falun Gong with her. I asked, “How can a qigongexercise help with bone growth?”
I looked at my grandma and thought: “She is 80 years old and still so healthy and energetic. I’m only 28 and dying! Why?” I decided to stay with her for a few days. After all, I grew up with her.
At her place, I opened a copy of Zhuan Falun. I was so attracted to the content within that I finished reading the book in only two and a half days.
The following principle especially touched my heart:
“Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually change this.” (Zhuan Falun)
I realized that my situation was caused by the karma that I had accumulated in previous lives. I was then willing to listen to my grandma.
I joined the group exercise site. When we did the second exercise together, “Falun Standing Stance,” I was very tired and wanted to give up. However, I saw other people, many of them as old as my grandma, persisting to hold the posture.
I thought: “I cannot be a laughing stock among the elderly. I must finish the exercise today, even if I do not come here again.” During the group Fa study that night, I had pain all over my body.
The next day was a day I’ll never forget. My cousin brought me water to wash my face. I was waiting for breakfast. Suddenly, I realized that my body felt light. I touched my legs; they felt normal.
I exclaimed, “Bring my shoes!” I put on my high heels and walked back and forth on the floor. I laughed and yelled: “I’m all right! I’m not feeling any pain. I am fine!”
All of my family staying at my grandma’s were shocked. I heard them say: “Is this possible? Are we dreaming?” I took the washbasin out of the house, poured the water out, and then walked to the nearby grocery store to make a phone call.
I called my sister, who had helped me so much and even carried me to the hospital last time. In trembling voice, I told her, “I’m all right now!”
She responded: “Don’t joke about this. Don’t I know your situation?” I told her: “You know grandma doesn’t have a phone line. I’m using the phone at the grocery store!”
When my sister realized that I was telling the truth, she became very excited. “How come your illness and your recovery are both so crazy!” she exclaimed. “How can you recover so easily from a fatal disease? Don’t move. I will go and meet you right away!”
My sister took me to my parents’ house first. They couldn’t believe the news, but when I walked back and forth inside and outside of the house, they had to believe it.
My father made a remark that surprised everyone, “Isn’t this [Falun Gong] the true Buddha Law?”
He told me, “Practice Falun Gong diligently!”
I stayed at my sister’s for a few days and then returned to my parents. I was treated like a hero upon my return. All of the neighbors in my village witnessed the miracle that had happened to me.
Back when I had left home to stay at my grandma’s, I wanted to hide away so people wouldn’t see my miserable state. However, the entire bus saw me, and one of my neighbors was on the bus.
When I was standing and chatting with neighbors this time, she saw me again. She grabbed my arms and asked: “You are fine now? How? Can you walk?” She couldn’t believe her eyes. She immediately dragged me to see her mother and told her about the miracle. Her mother decided to practice Falun Gong right away.
My news spread rapidly across all of the villages in my area like a fairytale. I told everyone that I recovered because of Falun Gong. Over 30 people soon arrived at my parents’ house. Some were from other villages. They wanted to learn the Falun Gong exercises.