Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baidu: Zhou Yongkang Arrested

According to earlier media reports, Zhou Yongkang has been
involved in too many bloody crimes,
especially the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and
his leading role in organ harvesting from
living Falun Gong practitioners.

How will the CCP regime handle the news aboutZhou Yongkang’s arrest? While the CCP factions are still struggling, multiple overseas media and news agency have reported that Zhou has been toppled.
Even though the regime has not confirmed the arrest,
online search in English, reports on Zhou Yongkang’s being
investigated for corruption, and plan to murder Xi Jinping
were generated on the Chinese largest search engine, Baidu.
This Internet abnormality shows the current political unrest
within the CCP regime.
While overseas media have reported the arrest of
Zhou Yongkang, the Chinese Internet blockade is semi open.
On the morning of Dec. 6, a search of “zhou yongkang
corruption” in Baidu generated English reports along with
some Chinese reports, such as Taiwan’s Central News
Agency’s report, “Mainland Internet shows Zhou Yongkang
alleged of corruption”, and “Zhou Yongkang involved
in the murder of Xi Jinping”.
The Central News Agency also confirmed this phenomenon and
analyzed it is an indication of the regime’s attitude in releasing
information on Zhou Yongkang and his corrupt deeds.
Hua Po, Beijing politics watcher:
It is a likely information leak.
The next move is now with the regime, to either
confirm or to deny.
If it’s not a rumor, the regime should confirm this.
It won’t take long.
There have also been obscure online discussions seen recently that discuss Zhou Yongkang is in trouble.
Earlier, a Chinese journalist also indicated on Weibo that
Xi Jinping had already set up a special team to handle
Zhou Yongkang’s case.
Lan Su, commentator: “I believe the forbidden discussion of
Zhou Yongkang within the ranks of high officials being
a prelude to the investigation of Zhou Yongkang.
He is very likely to have already been arrested.
Current leaders, Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan and Li Keqiang
of course will leak the information to rally for the
investigation of Zhou Yongkang.”
According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, Tsai De-sheng,
Director-General of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau
pointed out that on the 4th some of Zhou Yongkang’s conduct
are illegal, and he’s certain about the investigation.
However, prior to the confirmation by the CCP,
he cannot confirm this. 
However, according the senior officials of the NSB, the likelihood of Zhou Yongkang having been arrested is 70%.
However, commentator Lan Su does not believe the regime
has reached a consensus on the Zhou Yongkang issue.
According to CCP routine, it must go through the central,
particularly, the agreement of
the Politburo Standing Committee.
Lan Su: To ensure a thorough investigation in Zhou
Yongkang’s case, the remaining faction of Jiang Zemin in the
Politburo Standing Committee must be taken care of first.
Otherwise, it will be hard to reach a consensus
before the investigation can continue.
This is a hard to pass barrier for the regime.
The Epoch Times analyzed the overseas media’s report on the
arrest of Zhou was actually a leak from the regime central.
It was particularly arranged at the time when the
U.S. Vice President Biden was visiting Beijing.
According to sources from Beijing,
it was a tough decision, as the aftershock is great.
The Epoch Times believes that the current CCP central
has lost control at the grassroots.
Facing this political crisis, Xi Jinping was forced to quickly
abandon Zhou Yongkang.
It serves to implement the decisions of the Third Plenary
Session and to warn the remaining of Jiang’s faction.
As for how and when the information will be confirmed and
released, it depends on how the political situation will evolve.
According to earlier media reports, Zhou Yongkang has been involved in too many bloody crimes,
especially the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and his leading role in organ harvesting from
living Falun Gong practitioners.
An article written by Zhou Xiaohui has pointed out that
the CCP regime’s attitude towards Zhou Yongkang’s heinous
sin is evasive.
Its tactic to topple him with the excuse of corruption
is taking the wrong priority.
The fundamental issue that restricted Xi and Li’s leadership
is Jiang’s faction in the regime.
However, Jiang’s lingering spirit in the regime is only for
fear of being liquidated for his monstrous crimes.
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