Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Experience of a Disabled Soldier

Looking back over these past 15 years, I’m very grateful for Falun Gong. I went from being severely ill to being healthy and happy.

From my own experience, I also know that the CCP propaganda about Falun Gong is not only groundless but will also end in vain.

November 14, 2013 | By Yu Liang, a practitioner in Hubei Province, China
( Influenced by the massive media propaganda inside China, many people are confused and don’t know what Falun Gong really is. But if they spent some time looking into the teachings of Falun Gong, they’d have a much deeper understanding. Here I would like to share how I began to practice when I served in the army in April 1997.
A Rare Kidney Disease
It all started on October 1, 1996. We were having a celebration and the cooks bought extra seafood and left it for the next day. The following day everyone in our infantry company had food poisoning, and half of us were hospitalized. I was among the sickest and could not leave the hospital, although most of the others had already been released. Our symptoms were blood in the urine and fatigue, which was aggravated by any cough, fever, or inflammation.
Based on kidney biopsy results, doctors concluded it was IgA kidney disease. I was considered a Second Class Disabled Serviceman and began to receive hormone therapy. Despite the large amount of medicine we took, some of my fellow soldiers gradually were switched to dialysis therapy. Our condition turned into uremia. It seemed there was no effective medication, and I was very disappointed.
One of my good friends is a doctor. He searched through lots of literature but could find no cure for this disease, either in China or overseas. The only treatment was to take medicine every day, which could delay the uremia for up to 10 years. If I refused to take medicine or took it less frequently, the uremia could come in two to five years. He also warned me not to get married; otherwise, the illness would progress much quicker. I was only 19 years old and my family was poor. How would I spend the rest of my life or even support a family? I was in despair.
Illness Cured through Practice
The infantry company commander frequently visited me in the hospital. He suggested I try Chinese medicine, folk prescriptions, or practicing Falun Gong. I spent several months trying the first two methods, but they didn’t work. The commander said tens of millions of people nationwide were practicing Falun Gong, and it was very effective in improving health. Many practitioners were intellectuals or well-educated scholars. Would they casually accept something? I decided to give it a try.
I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and began to read one lecture each day. I also bought Teacher’s Nine-Day Lectures and watched one lecture every day. Many questions I had about life and society were answered. It was just like Master said in Zhuan Falun , “Once they learn our Falun Dafa, they will understand at once many questions in life that they have wished to understand but could not answer.”
Three months quickly passed. Although I once had fever and coughing, surprisingly there was no more blood in my urine. The fever and coughing also soon stopped–without medicine. It was miraculous, since I didn’t do anything special other than follow Zhuan Falun to be a better person and do the exercises.
The infantry company’s political instructor came to me in August that year and said, “I’m an atheist and I believe in communism. I can’t explain why Falun Gong cured your illness while Western and Chinese medicine failed. Nonetheless, my job is to be responsible for politics. Therefore, I suggest that, if you want to practice this, please do it privately and don’t tell others.”
Later I learned that when the communist party suppressed Falun Gong, it started in the army. Pressured by the political instructor, several people in my unit stopped practicing. But I would not quit, since from my heart, I knew Falun Gong was good.
Happy Family Life
While I served in the military, I met a girl in my hometown. We talked about my experiences, from IgA disease to the practice of Falun Gong. She didn’t mind and we got along well with each other.
After I retired from the army, we were married in 1999 and had a lovely daughter the following year. She is 12 years old now and has been very healthy, unlike some other neighborhood children who are sick from time to time. My daughter also practices Falun Gong and lives by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Knowing the minds of many children in China are poisoned by the hate propaganda against Falun Gong, she explains to them what Falun Gong is. Many of her classmates have learned the truth behind the persecution from her and more than 10 have announced their resignations from the CCP’s Young Pioneers.
My wife also used to have several health problems. Because she supported my practice, she benefited and her physical condition improved. Seeing the drastic changes in me because I practice Falun Gong, she also started to practice. All three of us now enjoy a harmonious and happy family life.
Looking back over these past 15 years, I’m very grateful for Falun Gong. I went from being severely ill to being healthy and happy. From my own experience, I also know that the CCP propaganda about Falun Gong is not only groundless but will also end in vain.