Sunday, December 1, 2013

China State Media Ridicule London’s Slavery Case (英〝毛粉〞囚女奴 官媒嘲笑自打脸)

Since the exposure of London slavery case, the Chinese 
Communist Party (CCP) official media ran intense coverage 
of the case in an effort to mock Western democracy 
and human rights. 
Yet when further case investigations revealed that the alleged 
suspects are were Maoist activists, the CCP media’s mocking 
stopped abruptly. 
The enthusiasm to report on the case went down 
and previous reports were even removed. 
Meanwhile, CCP media mouthpieces 
have made themselves into a laughing stock.
Last week, British media reports came out about three women 
in London who were held as slaves for 30 years. 
The CCP controlled media reports 
immediately gave the case high priority.
A report by BBC Chinese says this is a case the 
Chinese [CCP state media] editors have always wanted to see. 
That is, something that can be used to embarrass the West and 
condemn Westerners’ as hypocritical for criticizing 
China’s human rights record.
As expected, CCP mouthpieces indeed carried out extensive 
coverage and commentary on the slavery case, 
taking the opportunity to ridicule Western countries 
advocating the concept of human rights and freedoms.
Zan Aizong, former bureau chief and reporter at China Ocean 
News in Zhejiang: ‘As long as it is bad news about foreign 
countries and is unrelated to China, it [the CCP] will actively 
amplify and air it during prime time. 

Its the same old notions of class struggle from the revolution. 
Whoever criticizes the CCP becomes the enemy, 
and [then the CCP will continually] denounce that enemy.”
BBC quoted People’s Daily describing the news as having
shocked the world” and claiming, “there are still thousands 
of slaves waiting for rescue” in Britain.
Global Times, an subsidiary of People’s Daily, 
criticized the scandal as a satire of Western human rights 
and claimed modern slavery plagues the UK.
State owned China Radio International Online says, 
in today’s highly developed civilized society, the existence of
such a shameful phenomenon is simply a merciless mockery 
of the UK’s free society.”
However, sources revealed on Nov. 25 that the suspects 
in slavery case were former Maoist activists. 
Suddenly, it’s like a bucket of cold water was poured onto the 
CCP media, and coverage went down rapidly, 
with no mention of the suspects connection to Maoism. 
Some media even deleted what was reported previously.
The state TV station CCTV had to halt its in-depth reports 
in the process of preparation. 
A Chinese netizen mocked, “alas! I was going to watch the 
follow-up and in-depth report, and hear the deep reflection on 
capitalist society on the news. now u guys just kill all the fun.”
According to the Telegraph, detectives from the human 
trafficking unit said it was the worst case of modern slavery 
they had ever come across in Britain.
The investigation found the suspects are a couple, 
aged 67 and 73, and not British. 
They were former Maoist activists, and also leading figures 
at the Mao Zedong Memorial Centre in south London 
in the 1970s. 
They recruited female members with extreme leftist ideology. 
The majority of the women attracted by their 
extremist propaganda were foreign. 
Among the three woman captives, 
two were former members of the organization.
Zhong Weiguang, an expert on contemporary totalitarianism: 
“This Maoist kind of personality cult has an effect 
of numbing people who come seem as if possessed by it. 
This London case is an example that illustrates the final 
consequences of a person being hypnotized psychologically 
and ruled with violence.”
The Global Times reported on the 25th that the three women 
had been brainwashed, and said it was such “invisible chains” 
that shackled their freedom. 
Some Chinese netizens said sarcastically, “Global Times 
was critical at first, and now it has slapped it’s own face.” 
Zhong Weiguang: “Chinese in China today are hypnotized 
and enslaved by the CCP. 
China’s entire society is amidst a sort of living slavery, 
it’s just that their cage is bigger. 
It will allow the slaves to certain degree of freedom to move, 
but not to think or have beliefs like an ordinary person.”
An netizen wrote: The London slave case only involved
three captives. It is nothing compared to a certain place 
where there are more than a billion people have been enslaved for over sixty years.”
而《人民日报》旗下的《环球时报》,抨击这一丑闻 〝对西方人权是讽刺〞, 并认为〝现代奴隶制困扰英国〞。
中共喉舌《央视》不得不叫停准备进行的深度报导。一名网友嘲讽的说,〝唉!还想接着看《新闻联播》上的后续报导和深刻拷问,以及对资本主义社会的深度反思呢,now u guys just kill all the fun(现在你们把好戏都搅了)。〞
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