Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Music by Belle – Lambs to Slaughter (highlights the atrocity of live organ harvesting)

A brutally honest single highlighting the atrocity of live organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience (Falun Gong practitioners) in China.

(Co-written by Sterling Campbell, ft. Rise Ascend).


Lambs to the slaughter, gone without trace
Doctor, how could you fall so far from grace?
Breath in their lungs and their bodies still warm
Their organs are stolen and sold to the world
And the animals upstairs take a slice of Falun Gong
Lambs to slaughter
Sons and daughters
Tears are falling
We haven’t forgotten
Lambs to slaughter
Made to order
Tears are falling
We haven’t forgotten you
Skinned and dismembered, plastic filled veins
Corpses lined up like a circus display
Mothers with babies unborn in their wombs
They were tortured to death, now defiled in their tombs
And unknowingly we gawk while the devil takes his dues
Under the cover of the dark, they load them on a train
Someone ordered a heart, men and women in chains
Transported to slaughter, blood warm in their veins
Innocent sons and daughters, this is truly insane
How can we explain, the word inhumane doesn’t scratch the surface
In fact, doctors in service of killing for the regime
Retribution awaits so blood is washed clean
Such a terrible fate, we hope the people awaken
Innocent lives, can we stand by and let these people die?
Everybody stand up, stand up, stand up
From - http://www.everythingbelle.com/