Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chinese Citizen Cremated Alive by Authorities

A 66-year-old Chinese citizen detainedin a labor camp was said to have died.

However, six hours later, his children foundhis body still warm.

They tried to perform first aid on the elderly person,but were dragged away by police.


A 66-year-old Chinese citizen detained
in a labor camp was said to have died.
However, six hours later, his children found
his body still warm.
They tried to perform first aid on the elderly person,
but were dragged away by police.

The children have since petitioned to redress their
grievances over this case
However, they have suffered persecution from the
authorities, even their lawyers have been beaten up.
Jiang Xiqing is a retired taxation official
in Jiangji District, Chongqing.
In 2008, he was arrested for practicing Falun Gong,
and was detained in Xishanping Labor Camp.
Jiang Xiqing’s family members went to see him
in the afternoon of January 27, 2009.
Yet, less than 24 hours later, the labor camp informed them
that 66-year-old Jiang died of “sudden myocardial infarction”.
His daughter Jiang Li reveals that six hours after
her father’s alleged “death” according to the official report,
Li and her sister found that their father’s body was still warm,
his philtrum, his chest, abdomen, and legs were warm.
Jiang Li: “Everyone of us felt warm in touching
these places on his body.
My brother-in-law even asked staff members there
to take his temperature.
As my father’s body was still warm, I immediately
dialed 110 (Emergency#) for an emergency assistance.
But those in plain-clothes standing around us told me,
‘The 110 (Emergency#) people are right here, there’s no point.’”
Jiang Xiqing’s children tried to perform
artificial respiration on him.
However, they were forcibly dragged from the cold storage
of the funeral home, by over 20 labor camp police officers.
Critic Lan Shu: “All these brutal acts, including
organ harvesting, have numbed police officers concerned.
They, under the leadership of the CCP Political & Legislative
Affairs Commission (PLAC), have completely lost their humanity.
They don’t even think they are committing crimes now,
and they are actually murdering innocent people.”
Lan Shu indicates that Jiang Xiqing’s is a real-life case that
shows how the CCP’s policy on Falun Gong practitioners is executed.
The policy, issued by Jiang Zemin, targets “staining their
reputation, bankrupting them financially, and eliminating them physically.”
The CCP’s over-a-decade persecution against Falun Gong
has far exceeded anything imaginable says Lan Shu.
Since Jiang Xiqing’s death, his family members have
called on the CCP authorities to severely punish the culprits,
including the labor camp authorities.
Yet, the PLAC-backed labor camp has since harassed and
threatened Jiang’s daughter and son.
They have even illegally searched another daughter’s house.
In desperation, Jiang Xiqing’s children hired
Beijing lawyers to file a lawsuit.
In May 2009 when the lawyers had just arrived, several
dozen local PLAC staff members broke into Jiang’s house.
Two lawyers and Jiang’s family members were mauled.
and injured during the attack.
The gang handcuffed all of them and took them away.
Li Chunfu, one of the two lawyers, was beaten up
and left with his eardrums bleeding.
The lawyer says that Jiang Xiqing’s family members
were denied the right to investigate the truth.
The lawyers also suffered from local CCP authorities’
illegal treatment, which involved physical assault.
Even their law practice has been negatively affected.
Li Chunfu believes that there must be criminal factors
behind the scenes.
Li Chunfu: “This case has obvious questionable points.
Jiang Xiqing was said to have died of a heart attack,
but his autopsy showed that three ribs had been broken.
The procuratorate doctor told me the rib fractures
had been caused during emergency treatment.
But the question is: Why didn’t they allow Jiang Xiqing’s
family members to hire lawyers?
After we arrived on the scene,
why did they send so many people to attack us?
I believe there is something hidden in this case.”
In March 2010, Jiang Xiqing’s two daughters, with lawyers,
applied to file a lawsuit in Chongqing No. 1 Intermediate Court.
But they were forcibly taken away by police.
The police told them that as long as they promised not to
hire lawyers, they could be released.
Jiang Xiqing’s fourth daughter was sacked by
Shanghai Airlines for having petitioned for her father.
During this year’s Two Sessions, she was arrested in Beijing.
She was detained in a black jail, Majialou, and then was
sent back to Shanghai in custody for nine days.