Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NTD Television announced its 2013 Chinese cultural competition schedule


NTD Television has now formally announced its 2013 Chinese cultural competition schedule. 
[Tim Sun, Chairperson of NTD Competition Committee]: 
“There will be four competitions in NTD Television’s 2013 competition series. The Han Couture Design Competition, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition, the Piano Competition, and the Chinese Figure Painting Competition.”
The competitions fulfill NTD’s mission of promoting traditional arts and bridging East and West. 
[Tim Sun, Chairperson of NTD Competition Committee]: 
“NTD’s competitions promote traditional, orthodox culture and art. So for this year’s competitions, the Han Couture Competition, like the judge said, it is the clothing of the Han Chinese people, mainly from the Tang, Song, and Ming Dynasties. The martial arts competition is also on traditional martial arts.”
Since the 70′s, Kung Fu movies from China have popularized a modern and altered version of Chinese martial arts.
Competition Committee Chairperson Tim Sun says contestants in the competition must perform traditional Kung Fu, if they want to win.
[Tim Sun, Chairperson of NTD Competition Committee]: 
“Traditional martial arts are a part of traditional Chinese culture that has existed for several thousand years. We say that Chinese literature and martial arts all have a moral code. So this martial part plays a big role.”
Traditional morals and values also play a big part in the Figure Painting Competition. 
[Zhang Kunlun, Head Judge of Figure Painting Competition]: 
“The content must be beneficial to humankind, and be positive and bright, and beneficial to the physical and mental health of the audience. It must also exhibit the traditional cultural values of China.”
The same criterion applies for the piano competition. 
[Tim Sun, Chairperson of NTD Competition Committee]:
“For the piano competition, it also must be traditional piano music—from the Baroque period to the beginning of the Romantic period. For example, Bach and Beethoven.”
Sketch submissions deadline for the Han Couture Design Competition has closed. But Head Judge Amy Li says they have many contestants this year.
[Amy Li, Head Judge of Han Couture]: 
“This year we have over 70 contestants from over 10 countries and regions. We require contestants to submit two to five pieces. So the total number of pieces submitted is almost 200.”
And the standard is higher than previous years.
[Amy Li, Head Judge of Han Couture]: 
“This year, from looking at the sketches, we can see there are many refined pieces and accomplished masters entering the competition.”
The competitions will take place in Fall 2013, starting with Han couture and martial arts in September, followed by the piano competition in October and figure painting in December.
While submissions for the Han Couture Competition are now closed, contestants can still sign up for the Martial Arts, Piano, and Figure Painting Competitions.