Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Priceless Treasure for You (Photos)

February 12, 2013 | By Ziyan from Taiwan
(Minghui.org) Mr. Chen Hanchang has been a teacher for the past twenty years. Ten years ago, before he started practicing Falun Dafa, Chen was tormented by various ailments and had to visit a hospital every day. Now, he is absolutely healthy. If you ask him what happened, he will tell you, “A fairy tale is what happened.”
Mr. Chen Hanchang and his happy family
The teacher looks like a sika deer”
“Look, the teacher looks like a sika deer.” Chen often felt awful when he heard his students whispering and making fun of him in his class.
The spots appeared on his body when he was in college and later spread to his face and neck. Doctors of western medicine told him that his liver and immune system were bad: “A doctor told me that the drug that targeted my liver could kill me and suggested I leave the spots alone.”
Since college, he had an irregular heartbeat and debilitating inflammation of the brain and stomach. He was very weak and felt cold from inside all the time. He was frequently sick, and each time it took him a long time to recover. He once contracted pneumonia and had a fever of 106F. His face turned green. His parents took him to many hospitals, but none would accept him. The doctors did not believe that he would survive. Eventually, he was admitted to a clinic.
Chen married in 1998 and had a bony appearance in his wedding photo. He was 179cm (5’10”) and weighed only 49kg (108 lb). His wife looked very healthy.
Chen Hanchang and his wife in 1998.
Chen said that his mother-in-law initially was against the marriage, because he looked like he could be blown away by a breeze at any time. His wife, Kong Xiangwei, said, “I insisted on marrying him. I felt very comfortable when I was with him. I could talk to him about anything.”
After they were married, Kong accompanied Chen to see a doctor every day. Hospital visits became part of their daily routine. Kong remembered, “We looked for different doctors every day. Every day was about taking medications.”
They moved back to their hometown in the middle of Taiwan. Chen continued to teach in tutoring schools. Chen and Kong had to drive long distances to different places every day. During each class Chen had to stand for hours. It was very tiring, and Chen’s health deteriorated. “No matter how much money I made, I spent it in the hospitals,” recalled Chen.
Seeing that his wife was so healthy and carefree and was able to sleep well, Chen could not help but complain, “I am a good person. I don’t rob or steal, and I’m honest. Why have I suffered such terrible illnesses for as long as I can remember?”
Doctor: “I don’t think you will make it. Try Falun Gong.”
The couple tried all kinds of medicine and exceeded their insurance coverage. Once, they heard of a unique prescription or a good doctor, they would try it out without hesitation. “I normally carry Western medicine in one pocket and Chinese medicine in the other. I kept sleeping pills at home at all time,” said Chen. One day, they went to a very good Chinese doctor after getting a recommendation from a friend. After a month, Chen did not feel the slightest improvement. In the end, the doctor told him, “It’s not just any illness. Your pulse feels like you are not going to make it. I am afraid there is nothing I can do.” The doctor continued, “I don’t think anyone can help you. In my opinion, you should try Falun Gong.”
The doctor gave him a Falun Gong flier and a copy of Zhuan Falun. Chen started reading it immediately let out a loud burp. The doctor exclaimed, “Wow, there we go! I tried to make you burp with acupuncture and medicine for a month and couldn’t do it. Three minutes into reading Zhuan Falun, you did it! Falun Gong is incredible and extraordinary!”
Chen said that he felt wonderful after the burp. He decided on the spot that he wanted to practice Falun Gong. After leaving the clinic, he went to a bookstore and bought Zhuan Falun. He wanted to finish reading the book that night, as he was often sleepless. After he finished, he felt hot. Never in his dreams did he expect that his extremely weak and cold body could feel warm after one night of reading Zhuan Falun.
Purifying the Body Through Exercises
Chen found a nearby group practice site and began to learn the exercises. “Doctors said I was hopeless, but I saw light in complete darkness, so I seized the time to cultivate.” Chen cut down on his teaching hours significantly and spent all of his time reading Zhuan Falun and doing the exercises.
Chen remembered when he began to exercise: “It was a bit scary. I felt nauseous, had diarrhea, and vomited vigorously. I scared some of the new practitioners at the exercise site. I vomited some brown stuff, and it felt like my organs were about to come out. Some in my family thought I was getting sicker, but I knew I was getting better. My appetite grew larger, and I believed that something good would come after I survived the worst.” This lasted three weeks.
One day, he felt so hot that he did not know how to cope with it. He went back to the Chinese doctor who introduced him to Falun Gong. After the doctor felt his pulse, he was in disbelief: “In Chinese medicine, it is almost impossible to change one’s physical constitution, but it has happened to you! The reason why you feel bad now is because your body changed from extreme cold to extreme heat. Your meridians have changed completely.”
Chen said that he used to spend over USD $350 a year just for the copay (in Taiwan, it costs about USD $5 per visit): “From that day on, I did not spend a dime. I also threw away all my medications.”
Practicing Falun Gong is the Happiest Thing
Now, Chen is happy and ailment-free. His weight increased to 72kg (160lb). “Falun Gong changed my thinking, my spirit, and every single cell in my body.” The happiest person had to be his wife: “Falun Gong changed the fate of my family entirely. Otherwise, I would have become a widow with several children,” said Kong.
Chen could not believe such a miraculous practice was free of charge. “I used to think they could make so much money out of this practice. However, such a great teaching is free. If everyone practiced it, there would not be a bad person in this world, nor would there be major conflicts.”
Chen often tells his friends that practicing Falun Gong is the happiest thing he has done. He tells them, “I want to buy a copy of Zhuan Falun for you. It’s the best thing, a priceless treasure.”