Friday, February 8, 2013

Villagers Beg China’s Li Keqiang to Never Return


Information released by Chinese officials says
at the end of 2012,
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo Standing
Committee member Li Keqiang visited Enshi village and listened to villagers’ complaints.
However, a month later, more than 20 Enshi village
petitioners gathered at Beijing South Railway Station.
They held up banners reading: “grieved Enshi villagers beg on
their knees, requests for Li Kiqiang to never visit Enshi again”.
Why did the villagers do such a thing?
Let us hear what they have to say.
New Chinese leaders have been trying to win
over Chinese people’s hearts.
Xi Jinping visited a poor rural village on February 3rd
the day of the Small Lunar New Year.
Xi gifted noodles, oil, meat and New Year goods
to 447 villagers.
On the same day, Li Keqiang visited those living at
the Inner Mongolia North Baotou shanty towns.
The next day, more than twenty villagers from Enshi
held up banners asking Li Keqiang to never visit again.
They lost their freedom. They also held up banners that read:
“Enshi intermediate people’s court is the worst one in the world”.
It seems that these villagers were detained by Enshi authorities
during Li’s visit stopping them speaking about the injustices.
Retired professor from Shandong University
Sun Wenguang: “Both Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping have expressed their support of petitioning,
but it is just empty talk if there is no
institutional protection.
The suppression of petitioners in many areas continues
due to institutional problems.
Petitioners do not have appropriate channels to
express their requests.”
On February 5th Enshi village petitioners visited Tiananmen
Square and were put into police custody immediately.
Zhao Long, an Enshi village petitioner: “Many policemen
kept bothering me and would not let me leave.
They detained me at this place. I said I saw on TV and
read in the newspapers that this place is very good.
When I arrived [at Beijing], the reality I was facing is a lack
of human rights, a lack of freedom, and a lack of dignity.”
China’s national TV and telephone conference held recently
mentioned receiving petitioners at the city and county levels
and problem solving should be the emphasis of this year.
The wrongful practice of blocking and preventing petitioners
to petition should be corrected.
However, during the recent Two Conference more than
500 petitioners in Jiangsu province Wuxi City asked the regime to take actions against corruption,
yet nearly one hundred special police forces beat
and detained some petitioners.
In Hernan Province, thousands of petitioners clashed
with police and some were detained.
Recently, more than 40 petitioners petitioned in Sichuan province.
Amongst them, three rights activists were taken [by police].
In Beijing Fangshan district, a group of petitioners taking a
computer class were also taken by police.
Sun Wenguang said that the purpose of the CCP leaders’ talk
is just to appease public, no practical help.
Sun said that although the CCP repeatedly mentioned that
running the country according to the law, but petitioners’ freedom are still casually restricted.
Many petitioners were sent to black jails.
Sun said that, if you want to change the current situation,
many people need to wake up and let more people know the CCP system has problems.
Sun Wenguang: “Now the problem is, many people were
suppressed, after that ,they dare not speak out, nor to appeal.
Minority people go appeal, majority dare not.
Many people understood that it shouldn’t let this situation continue.
Once more people awakened, more people will participate,
at that time, the CCP has to change, without changing, there is not good result for them.”
In recent years, people complain everywhere in China,
protests happened constantly.
The public’s statistic shows, just in one day, on Jan. 21st,
30 protests took place in China.
Democratic activist Fan Yiping in Guangdong said that
people talk according to the law, everyone obeys the law, this is a normal society.
Some CCP’s officials don’t talk according to the law, no justice.
Thus it causes people’s complain, the society is in trouble.
Xia Yeliang, economist and Professor in Beijing University,
currently a visiting scholar in the Hoover Institution of Stanford University in the US.
He said that China’s Gini coefficient reached 0.61 which is
very dangerous level.
He said that the crises are inevitable if China didn’t solve
the problems fundamentally for gaps between the rich and the poor.
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