Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tortures in Masanjia Labor Camp Startles the World


Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning has become synonymous
to “slave labor products “, “torture”, and “hell on earth.”
The inmates say, such words cannot describe one ten thousandth
of the cruelty of this “most evil labor camp in China” which
even outweighs Nazi concentration camps.
Recently a female petitioner, once inmate of Masanjia, provides
an analog video to reveal the heinous persecution she suffered.
Her recollections brought tears flowing from all quarters.
The lady in this video is named Zhu Guiqin,
a petitioner from Fushun, Liaoning Province.
In 2004, she went to Beijing to appeal because her brother
was disabled from police persecution.
The local government bribed a local gang to have Zhu Guiqin
publicly raped and sent back to Fushun City.
She was later sentenced to three years in labor camp.
Zhu Guiqin was detained in Masanjia labor camp,
where she underwent inhumane tortures.
The tortures Zhu Guiqin suffered include: tied up for
long periods of time to the infamous ‘death bed’,
suspended and beaten; electric shocks to the face and
private parts; forced enema; forced tube feeding;
forced catheterization; being forbidden from sitting, lying
down, having a bath or sleeping; all in a humiliatingly naked state,
injections of unknown drugs in mental hospitals
and strict confinement.
Zhu Guiqin once lost living skills and was sent to
the hospital on several occasions in critical conditions.
Zhu Guiqin, petitioner from Fushun, Liaoning Province:
“Even Fascist torture does not include such inhumane acts.
The inhuman penalties, corporal punishments, physical tortures
and psychological persecutions by the Public Security Agency
as mentioned here, are simply beyond description.”
Falun Gong practitioners in Masanjia labor camp
also suffer from such inhumane tortures.
Xu Li, Falun Gong practitioner:
“In Masanjia labor camp I suffered from a variety of tortures,
including long-time hanging, mouth pry opening,
drug injection, long-time standing or sitting;
handcuffed to a radiator for three days without sleep; forced
tube feeding of mustard & long-term buckled-up to iron pipes.
Afraid that I would die, they gave me drugs
while they executed their tortures upon me.
Deprivation of toilet, slapping,
kicking—they are extremely ruthless!”
Zhu Guiqin has four siblings. Her second brother Zhu
Chuanqing was disabled from police abuse whilst in labor camp.
Her senior brother Zhu Chuanjin died of disease
during petitions for his younger brother.
Her senior sister Zhu Guizhi has been detained
in Masanjia labor camp also for petitioning for her brother.
Her second sister Zhu Guijuan committed suicide
because she could no longer stand police threats.
Her corpse has been kept in a funeral home
for over a year now.
The ninety-year old mother stays by herself
at home in extreme miseries.
This is indeed a familial human rights disaster.
Zhu Guiqin: “Chinese government leaders, Hu Jintao,
Wen Jiabao, Zhou Yongkang, what are you doing now?
You turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the injustices, tortures,
and persecutions petitioners are suffering.
Large numbers of petitioners have been killed,
maimed or wounded.
Human rights scandals in China are known to the whole world.
Yet you government leaders are blind to people’s grievances
and deaf to their complaints. You are simply dumb dogs.”
Now Zhu Guiqin has completely lost hope for the
Chinese government (CCP).
Her only hope now, the fall of CCP and relief for the people.
Zhu Guiqin: “I cannot help but shout “Down the CCP rogues!
CCP’s rogue government will soon perish!
Petitioners will suffer from perpetual injustice under CCP rule!
Only without CCP slavery can people be completely emancipated.”
Zhu Guiqin also questions CCP’s declaration that
“China’s human rights situation continues to improve.”
She asks, don’t petitioners still suffer from such tortures
after the so called improvement of human rights conditions,
then, how worse it could be in the past?
Zhu Guiqin appeals to the international community
and hopes that the human rights disaster to her family receives more attention.
She says this is not only for herself, but also for the many
‘other’ good Chinese people under CCP’s persecution.
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