Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A secret revealed by a Uighur surgeon Discloses Live Organ Harvesting in China


A secret was recently revealed by a Uighur surgeon.
Back in the early days in 1995, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had already started
its live organ harvesting in Xinjiang, China.
Over some decades, the surgeon has suffered
a tormented conscience.
He advised those implicated in live organ removals to repent
as soon as possible, and to not fall victim to CCP ‘s crime.
An article entitled “The Xinjiang Procedure:Beijing ‘s ‘New Frontier’
is ground zero for the organ harvesting of political prisoners”,
it was published in the magazine the Weekly Standard
on December 5.
The author Ethan Gutmann, a research fellow of a non-profit institute
The Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington D.C.,
interviewed Enver Tohti, UK representative of the
World Uighur Congress.
Tohti reveals that as early as 1995, he was embroiled in
the live organ harvesting in Xinjiang, China.
Enver Tohti tells NTDTV that 16 years ago in China, as a surgeon,
he was asked by hospital leaders to perform organ removal surgery.
He did not feel anything wrong until the knife blade entered the skin,
when he saw unexpected twitches on the body being operated on, even the blood still flowed .
Enver Tohti: “There was a place of execution located in Xishan.
After we arrived there, we were asked to wait in the ambulance.
They told us to go over to the scene as soon as the gunshot
was heard. When gunfire rang, we swiftly drove over there.
A man said to us: “It ‘s this one”. We moved the body inside
the ambulance. I immediately removed the liver and kidneys.
When I did the removal, I felt that the person was not dead.
Although he was shot, the bullet hit the right side of his chest,
And not the left. The heart is on the left side, one shot is fatal,
but he was hit on the right side of the chest.
That is, they intentionally let him stay alive before the surgery,
so that we could remove his organs .”
In 2006, the former Secretary of State Asia-Pacific and
Canadian MP, David Kilgour and internationally renowned human rights lawyer,
David Matas, released an independently investigative report
to the international community.
The report, entitled “Report into Allegations of Organ
Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China”, informs that
“Of 60,000 organ transplants officially recorded between 2000
and 2005″, “making the source of 41,500 transplant organs unexplained.”
and they therefore conclude that the only other identified source
which can explain the “skyrocketing” transplant numbers is Falun Gong practitioners.
At the end of 2010, Matas said that the CCP did not end
its crime of live organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, but rather the situation got worse.
Gutman’s article also revealed that in the last 10 years, China ‘s
technology on human organ transplantation has accelerated.
Enver Tohti was pained deeply after he realized that
he had removed organs from a living body.
He feels the pricks of conscience and a sense of guilt.
Enver Tohti says: “The report into allegations of CCP ‘s
organ harvesting revived this memory.
I believe that at that time, they had begun to do
live body organ removal.
So I feel a stronger sense of guilt,
for I personally got involved in it.
I performed the surgery and I removed the liver and kidneys.
I hoped I could forget it, so I often prayed to the Lord:
Please forgive me, as I really didn ‘t know anything at that time,
I did such a stupid thing. Please forgive me.
Besides this, how can I say anything more? “
In 2006, a Chinese woman who was risking her life,
accepted an interview from the Epoch Times.
She testified that in Sujiatun, Liaoning province in China,
large-scale and systematic organ harvestings were taking place.
The female testifier ‘s ex-husband was one of the surgeons.
He was thus caught up in extreme fear and stress, accompanied
by frequent nightmares, night sweats, leaving soaking wet sheets.
Enver Tohti uses his personal experience to persuade those
Doctors who have been implicated in the live organ harvesting:
Don ‘t be the CCP ‘s operator.
Sooner or later you’ll see the collapse of the CCP.
Tohti said on the day that those CCP officials are put on trial,
he does not want to see those doctors on trial, too.
Enver Tohti says: “So now we’re outside China,
what help can we give?
I think we must speak out, to let the CCP know that
we are human beings, we also seek human rights,
we also want to enjoy t rights as human beings,
just like people living in the rest of the world … “
Enver Tohti further advises kind-hearted Chinese people
to quit the CCP.
He says, that with each additional person who quits the CCP,
one more portion of strength will be added to extinguishing the Party.
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