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Inserting Truth-clarification Programs into Mainland TV Networks Is Justified and Should Be Commended

July 13, 2012 | By Feiming
( The Minghui website reported on June 23, 2012, that Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhong Dingbang [Taiwanese spelling: Chung Ting-Bang], who is a manager at a high-tech company in Hsinchu, Taiwan, was arrested at the Ganzhou Airport when he was returning from a trip visiting family in Jiangxi Province. The reason for the arrest was labeled by the Chinese Government as “assisting an investigation into Falun Gong.” Xinhua, the Chinese communist media website, quoted the allegations from the Jiangxi Domestic Security Division on June 26, 2012. The Jiangxi Domestic Security Division accused Mr. Zhong Dingbang of “destroying broadcasting facilities” and “attacking and interfering with the satellite signals for television programs in Mainland China.” Such allegations, whether true or not, cannot change the fact that inserting programs into TV networks is completely justified!
The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has used all of the newspapers and TV stations throughout China to spread lies about Falun Gong. They specifically staged and continually broadcast the “self-immolation” at Tiananmen Square to frame Falun Gong and stir up hatred toward Falun Gong among the general public. They fabricated completely false reasons to brutally persecute Falun Gong. The entirety the mainland Chinese media and press are controlled by the CCP. Falun Gong practitioners have been stripped of their freedom of speech. Under these restrictive circumstances, with all regular avenues of public communication barred to them, practitioners have been inserting truth-clarifying programs into TV broadcasts. This is an exercise of their constitutional freedom of speech. At the same time they are also protecting the Chinese citizens’ right to know the truth. Such actions are justified and should be commended!
In a non-communist country, the government does not have the right to interfere with the media. In the United States, the government cannot have its own press. The media’s role is to supervise the government. However, in mainland China, the media is solely the voice of the government. The media is used to deceive and persecute the citizens. It is the CCP who is “destroying,” “attacking,” and “interfering with” the TV media. It is the CCP that is committing crimes.
The media in mainland China is controlled by the CCP and used to promote propaganda. It has no credibility and has become an object of public ridicule on the streets and the Internet. Falun Gong practitioners insert programs into the TV network so that TV viewers see the truth. They are using the media to truly exercise its social responsibility by broadcasting the truth. For mainland Chinese TV viewers, the truth is most precious.
In mainland China, inserting truth-clarification programs into public broadcasts has happened several times. The broadcast that had the most impact occurred on March 5, 2002. Mr. Liu Chengjun, Mr. Liang Zhenxing, and other Falun Gong practitioners were able to broadcast, “Is It Self-immolation Or Fraud” and “Falun Dafa Around the World” on the Changchun Cable TV network. The total play time was almost 50 minutes. One hundred thousand TV viewers watched the programs. reported this incident on March 6, 2002. BBC, Reuters, and Agence France-presse covered this story on March 7, 2002. Reuters called this incident, “one of the most bold and fearless actions done by Falun Gong (practitioners).” Mr. Liu Chengjun, Mr. Liang Zhenxing and other Falun Gong practitioners were severely persecuted by the CCP and died in custody as a result of torture and deprivation.
Ethan Gutmann, an adjunct fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, authored a lengthy article titled “Into Thin Airways, How Several Unknown Chinese Heroes Helped With Freedom Around the World” in issue 12, Volume 16, of The Weekly Standard, an American magazine. He reported from a Western perspective about the programs inserted into the Changchun TV networks. The article is very moving. Mr. Gutmann believes that the software developed to break through the Chinese Internet blockade has been driven by the incident in Changchun. The Changchun incident became a symbol for freedom of access to information.
I do not know whether Mr. Zhong Dingbang is involved with inserting programing into TV stations or not. However, such an act in today’s China is upholding justice and is truly admirable. Many mainland China website users are enjoying software that breaks through the Chinese Internet blockade. They have access to genuine information available outside of China. Inserting truth-clarifying programs into the TV network is also a compassionate act that benefits all beings. We should remember Mr. Liu Chengjun, Mr. Liang Zhenxing, and other Falun Gong practitioners who lost their lives because they dared to help people see the truth about Falun Gong. We should also follow Mr. Zhong Dingbang’s situation closely and not let the CCP use any excuse to harm a good man.
June 29, 2012
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