Sunday, May 5, 2013

Over 60 Practitioners Still Detained at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

May 01, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent in Liaoning Province, China
As many as 110 or 120 practitioners were detained at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp between October and December, 2012. Right now, about 60 or 70 are still being held there and are subjected to slave labor and other types of mistreatment. The majority were arrested in 2012, some in 2011. Almost all the practitioners are from Liaoning Province, more from Dalian than other cities.

As soon as they arrive at the camp, practitioners are usually forced to sit on small plastic stools for extended periods of time every day, watching videos or listening to speeches that vilify Falun Gong. Sometimes they are made to do heavy slave labor such as moving machines or stacking up large bundles of cloth (weighing 10-35 kilograms). Several practitioners were divided into two teams to make guard uniforms in the factory; some do tailoring, some sew, and some punch the numbers on the uniforms.
A board in the hallway displays all the practitioners’ names and “performance”–that is, their level of being transformed. A red flag next to the practitioner’s name means “excellent” with their detention term reduced by five days for that month. A yellow flag means that the term is reduced by four days, blue flags mean the term is unchanged, and black flags mean the practitioners refuse to be transformed and their imprisonment term is increased by five days.
Practitioners do not have the most basic freedoms, and they are not even allowed paper or pens. When higher officials come through to inspect the camp, all luggage and places where things could be hidden are thoroughly searched, even including the practitioners’ bodies. Because the list below comes from memory, we hope others will please verify and update the information.
The following practitioners from Dalian City are detained:
Lin Qiuxiang (one year), Sun Yun (one year), Hao Qiujing (one year), Zheng Juxiang (one year), Song Changmei (one year), Kang Yuying (one year), Jin Guimei (one year), Wan Xiaohui (one year), Han Junjiu (one year), Yan Lijun (one year), Liu Shuyi (one year), Wang Shulan (one year), Wang Chunyan (one year), Wang Chun’e (one year), Zhang Xiuman (one year), Ma Chunling (two years), Liu Yanzhen (one year), Zhang Lina (two years), Song Ailian (one year), Lu Li (two years), Xiao Chunling (two years), Sun Zhongli (one year), Sun Cuiqing, Chen Guixiang (15 months), Jia Xiuchun (two years), Liu Meifen (one year), Wang Yan, and Du Longping (one year).
Some practitioners from other areas (or areas unknown):
Wang Xuemei and Wang Xuejie (sisters from Dandong, one year), Guan Yaqing (from Shenyang, one year), Ma Liguang (from Shenyang, one year), Cao Fuyan (from Shenyang, one year), Zhang Yuzhi (from Shenyang, 15 months), Liang Qizhen (from Shenyang, 21 months), Chen Min (from Shenyang, one year), Xia Chengmin (from Shenyang, one year), Shen Xiangling (one year), Qing Xiuying (from Shenyang, one year), and Sun Xiuhua (from Dandong, 15 months).

Recent Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Masanjia Women’s Forced Labor Camp

( The Masanjia Women’s Forced Labor Camp held over 100 Falun Gong practitioners illegally in 2012. In October of 2012, the labor camp began a second round of intense “transformation” activities, attempting to force all practitioners to write a repentance statement denouncing Falun Gong. Practitioners were also forced to give their fingerprints. Those who refused to cooperate were tortured by having their limbs overstretched. Many practitioners were disabled from this torture.
Several people attacked one practitioner on a daily basis. All prison cells were assigned a leader, who were in turn managed by Wang Wenhong, a former high school politics teacher from Zhangwu County, Liaoning Province. Wang was sentenced to three years of forced labor because she practiced Falun Gong, but she was “transformed” and went against the practice, so the forced labor camp used her to slander Dafa.
Wang Wenhong actively participated in the persecution of practitioners with forced labor camp staff. She subjected practitioners to sleep deprivation, monitoring them closely. Whenever she discovered practitioners exercising or sending righteous thoughts, she immediately reported them to the guards and then joined in their persecution. She also suggested ideas to guards of how to “transform” steadfast practitioners, hoping to obtain an early release for herself. She was released ten months early, in November, 2012.
Wang also claimed that the 610 Office in Zhangwu greatly appreciated her “ability,” and she continued cooperating with them at the local brainwashing center. She used to threaten others: “Liu Ronghua was in my district. Two days before her release, someone from the Procuratorate came and sentenced her to ten years in prison. She has now been transferred to a prison in the north. If you do not ‘transform,’ let Liu Ronghua be your example.” She was so active in persecuting practitioners, that all newly arrived practitioners were taken to her district.
Other former practitioners also turned against Falun Gong under the pressure and became accomplices in persecuting practitioners. They include: Yu Haiyan from Fushun, Liaoning, released in November or December of 2012; Guan Yan from Shenyang, Liaoning, released October or November of 2012; Wang Yan from Dalian, Liaoning, arrested in July, 2012 and sentenced to two years of forced labor; Wu Nanhuan from Jinzhou, Liaoning, arrested in May, 2012 and sentenced to one year of forced labor; Lian Guichun from Huludao, Liaoning, arrested in 2012 then released at the end of 2012; Gao Xiuhong from Benxi, Liaoning, released in November 2012 and Zhao Shuying from Tieling, Liaoning.
Inmates participating in the persecution of practitioners include: Huang Xiumei from Guizhou Province; Dan Yue from Yunnan Province; Zan Guilian from Yunnan Qujing County, released at the end of 2012; Zhang Ying, Huang Yafei, Deng Biyu from Hunan Province; Yin Yuling from Henan Province; and Tan Qingmei from Guangxi Province.
After October 9, 2012, several forced labor camp directors (surnames of Ma, Su, Yu) along with Zhang Lei, Zhang Huang, Zhang Lili and Zhang Jia, formed a team which was assigned to intensify the persecution. Dafa practitioners were then transferred to Donggang. The cells there were similar except that they were all covered with curtains. These rooms were specifically prepared for Falun Gong practitioners, and were each furnished with a bed and two chairs. Practitioners were not allowed to talk or to look at each other, at the risk of being tortured.
Lu Li, a practitioner from Dalian, was sentenced in 2012 to two years of forced labor. She was taken to Donggang, then returned the same day; later however, she left early and returned late but could barely walk. She then didn’t return until she was “transformed”. Xiao Chunling, a practitioner from Dalian who was sentenced to two years of forced labor in 2012, was also taken to Donggang. She returned with a crippled right arm.
Sun Zhongli, sentenced to one year of forced labor in 2012, was tortured by extreme stretching of her limbs. The handcuffs used cut deep into her wrists, rendering them unusable for a long time. Sun Cuiqing from Dalian refused to memorize the rules and regulations, and was subsequently given electric shock treatment, then beaten by inmates Zan Guilian, Zhang Ying, and Huang Yafei. Chen Haibin from Dalian developed stress-related heart problems after inmate Qu Meiyu screamed at her. Meng Yue sustained a back injury during a fight between two inmates and was bedridden for six months. Song Ailian from Dalian was sentenced to one year of forced labor; she refused to be “transformed,” so inmate Zhang Lei covered her mouth and nose with plastic, almost suffocating her to death. This persecution did not stop until the practitioners signed theguarantee statements prepared by labor camp officials.
Sun Xiuhua from Dandong was sentenced to one year and three months of forced labor. After she returned from Donggang, her legs were in severe pain and she could barely move. Practitioner Luo Jinyu lost vision in her left eye.
The individuals involved in persecuting practitioners also included seven or eight male guards who took shifts in the brutal torture of Falun Dafa practitioners.