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Female Falun Gong Practitioners Viciously Tortured by Police in Guangdong Province

May 10, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Guangdong Province, China
When people hear about what is taking place in China behind locked doors—for example, such tortures as “locked up in a small solitary cell, hung up in the air, electric shocks, force-feeding, brutal beatings, ‘Tiger Bench’, ‘Death Bed’, long periods of intensive labor—they are naturally horrified and nearly overwhelmed.

Such wide-spread scenes are more horrendous and bloodier than those depicted in any movies or novels.

Yet, this is the truth, the hidden, white-washed reality of what’s happening just down the street in many cities and towns in present-day China.

On April 7, numerous media in China published the article, “Walking out of Masanjia”. The torture methods described in this article were so shocking that a media personality cried uncontrollably when talking about them. Countless Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to cruel tortures in forced labor camps in China. The notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, referred to as “hell on earth”, was set up as a model for the “transformation” of Falun Gong practitioners through cruel torture, and an example for other forced labor camps to follow over the last 14 years.
Forced labor camps, law training schools (the cover term the regime uses for it’s brainwashing centers), detention centers, police stations and prisons across Guangdong Province have been used to persecute and torture Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The following are some torture cases of female Falun Gong practitioners in Guangdong Province.
Almost all practitioners were subjected to battery, verbal abuse and humiliation after they were illegally arrested.
In 2008, Ms. Zeng Xiumei was sent to Hainan Province General Bureau Forced Labor Camp for persecution by Zhanjiang City authorities in Guangdong Province, where she was beaten and force-fed. She was beaten black and blue, and one of her lungs was badly damaged. On April 30, Ms. Zeng Xiumei, who by then was only skin and bones, was released. The officers dropped her off before reaching her home and quickly left.
Zeng Xiumei after being persecuted
Ms. Lin Bingju is a practitioner from Zhuhai District of Guangzhou City. While she was detained at Chatou Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou, guards instructed inmates to monitor her and they bashed her head and the private parts of her body. She later suffered a mental collapse as a result of being intensely persecuted.
Torture: Tied up
Practitioner Ms. Zhou Meilin from Zhuhai and her husband were both severely persecuted. She was subjected to the “Tying up” torture on October 1, 2002. She was not allowed to use the toilet or to sleep for over 40 hours, while being tied up; she was beaten, fed with hot chili water and verbally abused. When she was untied, both her feet had become black and her legs were covered with blisters. She lost all feeling in her legs and could not even turn over, as if she were totally paralyzed. Practitioners Jiao Jian and Tang Yiwen became crippled as a result of this form of torture. Si Bing, Xu Juhua, Xie Yan, Luo Jiangying, Chen Hua and others also suffered the same torture. Chen Hua also witnessed how two young practitioners, Ms. Song Jin and Ms. Zhou Lijie, became mentally disordered as a result of torture during the coercive “transformation”.
Torture reenactment: Tying up
Ms. Chen Hua, 34 years old, who used to work in a large state enterprise, was twice sent to Chatou Forced labor Camp in Guangzhou, where she suffered severe persecution. One of the torture methods was called “Cross Stand”. She was cuffed to an iron bed, her arms were stretched out and cuffed to the furthest points on either side, her legs were beaten and became swollen and covered with bruises. She was not allowed to use the toilet and had to urinate in her pants. The perpetrators also forcibly put a pen in her cuffed hand to sign on their prepared statements. Her fingers were bleeding. She was tortured this way for three days.
Ms. Chen Hua before the persecution
Ms. Chen Hua during the persecution of April – July 2004
Sitting on a small stool
Practitioner Ms. Liang Yilin from Dongwan was tortured by being forced to sit on a small stool for long periods of time. She was forced to sit with her hands on her knees, and her eyes staring to the front, without moving. One practitioner recalled: “Sitting like this for a long time, one’s feet would swell badly and the buttocks would fester with running pus. Worse, in summer they were forced to sit under the blazing sun and not allowed to drink water or use the toilet. Some practitioners were menstruating, but they were not allowed to change pads and the blood ran to the ground.
Guangdong Women’s Prison forced practitioners to stand outside all day long in thin clothes in winter. Gao Xi, born in 1986 in Huangmei, Hubei Province was living and working in Shunde, Guangdong Province when she was arrested and sent to Guangdong Sanshui Women’s Forced labor Camp in 2007. She was healthy and normal when she was sent there, but only one month later, she became mentally traumatized, physically weak and lost the ability to speak. During the cold New Year period in 2008, while she was menstruating she was forced by inmates to take a cold shower for one to two hours, and all of her hair was shaved off. As a form of torture she was forced to stand without moving day and night. Her face was covered in scratches from the perpetrators and the back of her head was covered in lumps from being bashed against the wall. One could often hear inmates cursing and humiliating her. She was released in April 2008 as she was suffering from schizophrenia due to persecution.
Practitioners Ms. Chen Yulian and Ms. Yang Zai are from Zhanjiang. They were arrested and taken to a brainwashing center in the Guangfeng Sugar Factory. The room they were locked up in had a leaking roof and broken window panes. It was very cold and they had to sleep on the damp floor without any bedding.
Ms. Wang Xiaodong was an English teacher in Nanshan High School in Shenzhen. She died in the Nanshan Detention Center in 2003 as a result of persecution. Nanshan Detention Center used all kinds of torture methods including dousing practitioners with cold water. Practitioners were dragged into the toilet room in winter and doused with basins full of icy cold water; they were forbidden to change clothes or to sleep in bed. They could only sleep on the floor or in the toilet room. Many practitioners suffered such torture.
Hanging up and electric shock
Practitioner Ms. Deng Caijuan is from Foshan. After she was arrested, the perpetrators tied her legs up in a full lotus position and her hands were tied behind her back. The perpetrators then put a concrete slab (weighing dozens of kilos) and a wooden board on her legs. On top of the concrete slab they added over a dozen books and cartons. The perpetrators also stood on the wooden board to increase her pain. Such excruciating torture went on for over two hours, and her hands and feet were injured as a result.
Ms. Deng was sent to forced labor camps three times after July 20, 1999 and suffered tortures at Sanshui Women’s Detention Center. Once she was locked in a dark room and deprived of sleep for 16 days in a row. The perpetrators rubbed essential balm into her eyes and mouth, beat her with their fists and sticks and kicked her hard. They pulled her hair and scolded her, and forbade her to use the toilet for days. When she urinated in her pants, the perpetrators used tissues to soak up her urine from the floor and then stuffed the tissues into her mouth. They shocked her with electric batons, and her mouth and feet were badly injured as a result. She was also hung up from an iron window frame with her arms tied behind her back; she could barely touch the floor with her toes. In order to cause her even more pain, the perpetrators also swung her body from time to time. They also stripped her naked and humiliated her.
Guard Lu Lianhong once cuffed one of Deng Caijuan’s hands and hung her up, with only her toes barely touching the ground. This form of hanging is even more painful than being hung up by the hands. Her whole body weight fell on the cuffed hand, and the handcuff cut into her flesh and bones, causing her excruciating pain. At the same time, Lu Lianhong shocked her with an electric baton and verbally abused her. Sometimes, Deng Caijuan was hung up for over ten hours, until her hands and feet turned black. Her hands still felt numb a few months later. She was on the verge of total collapse a number of times due to such physical torture and mental torment. She became so weak that she could only stand for a few minutes before falling to the floor.
Cross” and “Flying Airplane”
Ms. Jiang Meilan is almost 60 years old. She was subjected to the “Flying Airplane” and “Cross” torture methods, and each time it lasted for over twenty hours. She was tortured this way three times.
Ms. Zhou Meilin was put on a “Cross” for over 70 hours. When she was finally taken down, she could hardly move. She suffered serious kidney failure and dysfunction of her stomach and intestines. Both her hands and arms were injured from being tied up and her back and buttocks also developed bedsores.
Practitioners Fan Hongwei, Li Tiantian, Chen Yanjuan, Oyang Jian, Chen Li and practitioners from Qinghua University Ma Yan and Chen Chunyan were all subjected to such torture.
Force-feeding, piercing with needles and standing under the blazing sun
Ms. Zou Yuyun from Tianhe District of Guangzhou was 36 years old when she was taken to brainwashing centers in Huangpu District, Liwan District, Dongshan District and Baiyun District, as well as Guangzhou brainwashing center and Tianhe District brainwashing center. During her detention in these brainwashing centers, she suffered many kinds of torture. The following are some of them:
1. rubbing menthol in the eyes; 
2. pinching the body and poking the neck with hard objects; 
3. Being forced to urinate on the floor and sit in her urine all day; being forced to drink a big glass of water every half an hour, even during menstrual periods; 
4. Being forced to stand under the blazing sun at midday; 
5. Being injected with unknown drugs; police said the drugs would make someone mad 
6. Force-feeding; once every two hours, seven times a day; 
7. Being forced to relieve herself in the room and photographed while she did.
Ms. Zou Yuyun
Forced abortion
Practitioner Ms. Wang Shaona from Nanshan District of Shenzhen City was six months pregnant when she was arrested in February 2000. She was taken to a detention center where she underwent a forced abortion. She and her husband were arrested again on June 30, 2000, and she was once again forcibly subjected to another abortion.
Practitioner Ms. Tang Jin’ai is from Luogang Township in Baiyun District of Guangzhou. She was arrested and taken to Zengcheng Detention Center in December 2000. As she was two months pregnant, she was forcibly taken to the birth-control office by officer Luo Weijun and others from Zhenlong Township police station to undergo an abortion, which was done without her consent or signature and without notifying her family. A young life was thus murdered. At home after the abortion, the police monitored her 24 hours a day on 3 shifts. On New Year’s Eve, she was taken to Zengcheng Drug Rehabilitation Center. Two months later, she was transferred to Chatou Forced Labor Camp for more persecution. Tang Jin’ai was released in 2002, suffering severe postpartum rheumatism. On windy days her back was in great pain and her whole body would swell.
Practitioner Ms. Luo Zhixiang from Tianhe District, Guangzhou used to work as a planning engineer in Guangdong Agribusiness Development Group. In November 2002, Luo Zhixiang, who was three months pregnant at the time, and her husband were arrested and sent to Haizhu District Detention Center. On November 28, Ms. Luo was taken by the 610 Office to Huangpu Drug Rehabilitation Center for brainwashing. The next day, she was taken to Tianhe Chinese Medicine Hospital for “injection treatment”. Luo Zhixiang died on December 4, at the young age of 29. The communist regime tried to shirk their responsibility for causing her death by lying that Ms. Luo committed suicide.
Sexual assaults and rape
Forced labor camps in Guangdong also used sexual assaults to try to “transform” Falun Gong practitioners. Female practitioners who refuse to be “transformed” would be locked in a dark room, and then the guards would have a male criminal inmate go in and sexually abuse her. In Sanshui Forced labor Camp, some female practitioners were raped, some were stripped in cold winter down to their underwear and carried into the office for a long time. No one knew what happened to them while they were there.
Ms. Zhou Xuefei, currently living in the USA exposed the crime of rape that took place in a police station in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, “I was detained in Room 305 in Division 2 at Guangdong Women’s Forced labor Camp in 2003. A young practitioner sleeping in the upper bunk was from Zhanjiang. An elder practitioner told me before she left that the young practitioner had been raped by police before they sent her to the forced labor camp. She was the only one who knew about it and she told me about it as evidence. The young practitioner was still a virgin when she was raped! Such things concern one’s privacy, and it was very hard for one to talk about them under the harsh circumstances. Such cases were not exposed, but they are a cruel reality.”
Policeman Yang Yongcheng and the security team leader in the Guangzhou brainwashing center are shameless scoundrels. Some female practitioners suffered a lot at their hands. They beat their chest, their breasts and the private parts of their bodies. They shocked their breasts and genital areas with electric batons, burned their nipples with cigarette lighters, and grabbed and scratched their private parts. Male officers and security guards touched female practitioners’ private parts at will to humiliate them.
Sketch: Sexual abuse by the CCP police; they shocked female Falun Gong practitioners’ breasts, private parts and inserted electric batons into their vaginas. Even unmarried young practitioners were not spared such torture
Guards in Jieyang No. 1 Detention Center watched female inmates and practitioners while they were taking a shower or changing clothes, with the excuse of “making their rounds.” The guards also used obscene language while watching. Falun Gong practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. The guards then instigated seven or eight male inmates to press practitioners on a chair or to the ground to force-feed them. The perpetrators also took the opportunity to touch and sexually assault them, causing them enormous physical and mental damage. Due to constant persecution, practitioner Huang Sujun became very weak and was on the verge of death. She passed away soon after she was released.
Police officer Li Xiaozheng and more than a dozen others once stripped naked more than twenty female Falun Gong practitioners, pushing one outside to be displayed to the male inmates. In November 2000, the CCP head Jiang Zemin went to Shenzhen. The day became very cold and gloomy and it started to rain. Suddenly a group of officers broke into cell 12. An officer surnamed Zhang and the cell head pressed a female practitioner on a board and stripped her naked, in front of four or five male officers. They then forced her to wear the prison uniform and tied her hands and feet with strips of cloth and tape. They did this to every female practitioner, including a lady in her 60s. When practitioners refused to cooperate with them, the officers grabbed their hair and slammed their heads against the wall. They also forced two steadfast practitioners to stand on the sports-ground, wearing only their underwear. People could see them from their cells which lined the sports-ground. Over a dozen practitioners were humiliated this way during that time.
Drugs and poisonous injections
Practitioner Ms. Chen Xiaoyue is from Zhongshan City. She was arrested and taken to Zhongshan Detention Center in September 2008, where she was shackled and tied to the “Death Bed” for seven days. She was transferred to Guangdong Women’s Prison in February 2009, where she was forbidden to take a shower, use the toilet or sleep. She was also forced to sit on a small stool or stand for long periods of time, and subjected to coercive brainwashing every day, with inmates assigned by guards watching her 24 hours a day. She was not allowed to talk to anyone, and would be beaten and scolded even for looking at another person. Her physical condition deteriorated rapidly. Ms. Chen went on hunger strike to protest the persecution. In the end she suffered a mental collapse and serious loss of memory.
She was made to do forced labor in March 2010. By January 2011, she was diagnosed with late stage leukemia and her life was in grave danger. She was sent to the prison hospital for two months, during which time she was given injections of unknown drugs. She often felt dizzy and kept falling to the floor when walking. She had pain in her chest and heart pain. Later she was taken to Guangzhou No. 1 Hospital to draw bone marrow and have injections of unknown drugs. Because the prison was fearful that she would die there, on March 18, 2011 her family was notified to take her home. After she got home, she started to react to the poisonous injections and had sharp pain in her chest, her back and severe headaches. She also ran a high fever.
Practitioner Ms. Lin Yanmei from Dianbai County suffered all kinds of inhuman torture at Sanshui Forced labor Camp in 2005. In order to “transform” her, the guards added drugs to her food to destroy her central nervous system, causing her to have a mental disorder.
Practitioner Ms. Chen Yingqi, a teacher from Wuchuan No. 1 High School in Zhanjiang, suffered persecution in a forced labor camp. She was taken to Zhanjiang brainwashing center in 2003, where she was injected with drugs that damage the central nervous system and showed symptoms of a mental disorder. Deputy head of the 610 Office Zhang Xing said, “She deserves it for not listening to us.”
Practitioner Ms. Wu Zhujun from Huidong was sentenced to imprisonment on September 23, 2007 and taken to Baiyun Women’s Prison for persecution. She was given injections of poisonous drugs, and as a result, she could not eat or talk and became mentally confused. After she was released, she remained stiff and dull, and could not remember any of the persecution she suffered in prison.
Practitioner Ms. Luo Ji from Maoming was sent to Sanshui Women’s Forced Labor Camp for persecution in 2001. She was injected with unknown drugs and reduced to only skin and bones.
Ms. Liu Mulan from Wuhan City was working in Huizhou in Guangdong Province. She was arrested and taken to Guangdong Women’s Prison on January 12, 2012. The prison authorities claimed that she was suffering from “hypertension” and injected her with unknown drugs. They also mixed unknown drugs into her food and forced her to take them every day. They told her family members that she was taking medicine to reduce her blood pressure. Later, Liu Mulan became absentminded and her hearing deteriorated. She also became seriously short-sighted and her vision was blurry. Her hair became loose and messy and her facial skin yellow and rough, with sunken cheeks. She became very weak and emaciated, and her feet were swollen. She became slow in speaking and would have white foam at the corners of her mouth when she started to talk.
Practitioner Ms. Qiu Qionghua from Shalang Town, Dianbai County, was taken to a brainwashing center, where she was injected with unknown drugs. Later, she lost the ability to take care of herself.
It is reported that drugs, especially those that destroy the central nervous system and internal organs have been used as murder weapons by the communist regime in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in places such as forced labor camps,
Deaths due to persecution
Practitioner Ms. Tian Huiying, 47 years old, was from Poxin Township, Maogang District, Maoming City. She was arrested by police on February 15, 2004 and sent to Sanshui Women’s Forced Labor Camp, where she suffered severe persecution and was reduced to skin and bones. She passed away on July 6, 2005. The labor camp told her family that she died from injury in a car accident and quickly cremated her body to close the case. Her family only got 30,000 yuan as compensation.
Practitioner Ms. Li Mei from Maoming City was taken to a local brainwashing center in July 2001, where she was tortured. Later she was injected with nerve-damaging drugs and became mentally confused. She was unable to look after herself after her release and passed away on June 24, 2004.
Practitioner Ms. Lin Hai, 54 years old, from Guangzhou, was arrested and taken to Dongshan District Detention Center in 2003 and sentenced to three years of forced labor. Later, she was transferred to Sanshui Women’s Forced Labor Camp. By September 2004, her whole body festered as a result of torture. She passed away just a few days after her release.
Practitioner Ms. Tang Ying, 48 years old, was a resident in Dongshan Township, Donghaidao, Zhanjiang City. She was taken to Sanshui Women’s Forced Labor Camp in 2001, where she suffered brutal physical and mental torture till she got very sick. She was forced to have surgery, which led to an infection at the incision. She was kept in the labor camp until her life was in grave danger. Only then did the labor camp release her on medical parole. She passed away in June 2003.
Practitioner Ms. Zheng Weiying, 51 years old, from Guangzhou City, was detained for going to Beijing three times to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She was sentenced to one year of forced labor and her health was severely damaged as a result of persecution. She passed away in October 2004.
Practitioner Ms. Yuan Zheng was sent to Zhuhai No. 2 Detention Center in September 2001, where she was subjected to severe beating and torture. She was locked up in isolation and deprived of contact with anyone. Others in the camp often heard her being beaten and kicked. One day in June 2002, one practitioner who knew her saw her being carried away. No one ever saw her again. Later it was verified that Yuan Zheng died from persecution at age of 38.
The atrocities committed by the CCP in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners are too numerous to count. What is mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg. The atrocity of organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners is condemned by people around the world as a “new form of evil on this planet”. The persecution of Falun Gong by the Communist regime is still going on. However, the crimes against humanity committed by the CCP are being exposed more and more, and it won’t be long before the truth becomes known to all and the CCP will be destroyed by Heaven.