Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chinese Media Exposes Shocking Inside Information about Human Organ Trafficking


Recently, for the first time, a Chinese media exposed
the grisly, underworld secret about human organ trafficking,
perpetrated by the Chinese military, courts and hospitals,
and how they evade any punishment of the law.
Since the Chinese media exposed the tortures
at the Masanjia Labor Camp, it is yet another validation
of the truth revealed by overseas media 10 years ago –
of live, human organ piracy of Falun Gong practitioners.
These ghoulish facts that had been labeled as gossip
by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are gradually
and reluctantly being admitted by the Chinese media.
The CCP’s attempts to cover up their debauched,
human organ looting of death row inmates have
become silly and moronic.
On April 15, Chinese outspoken media CAIJIN.COM
published an article stating that
behind the seemingly simple story of “Selling Kidneys
to Buy Iphone” is a criminal case involving the health care system and local army.
The more secretive and clandestine the area is,
the more likely it is to breed evil.
The military’s First-Class Hospital at Grade 3
(First-Class Hospital) and local Intermediate Court
were not cited on the indictment,
and were let off the hook scot-free.
The article, written by vice editor of CAIJIN.COM’s
Legal Section Xu Qianchuan, reveals that
Xu read the legal documents of an organ trafficking
middle-man, Zhen Wei, while he was investigating a human organ trafficking case.
Xu Qianchuan uncovered that Zheng Wei once went to
the Intermediate People’s Court of Shandong Zaozhuang,
and purchased eight kidneys via Judge Liu Jun.
All the kidneys were sold to the military’s
First-Class Hospital – The 304 Hospital.
Overseas, MINGHUI.ORG reported in 2010 that after
healthy Falun Gong practitioners who were abducted,
and sent to the labor camps, and persecuted and tortured to death,
their family members found that their organs were missing.
But it did not catch the attention of the world.
However, the CCP has been denying for years
the allegations from the international community
of its theft of death row inmates organs.
In 2006, after the extensive reports by NTDTV,
The Epoch Times and other overseas Chinese media
on the CCP’s trafficking and profiteering from living
Falun Gong practitioners’ organs,
The then CCP’s Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu
sickeningly revealed for the first time that human organs
in China are taken from death row inmates.
China Issue Observer Zhang Jian pointed out:
the CCP’s continuous disinformation reports on
stealing organs only from executed prisoners is a
deliberate deception to cover up organ genocide
and piracy of living Falun Gong practitioners.
This is a crime against humanity. It wants to shift the attention
of the international community only to executed prisoners.
Zhang Jian: “With international public opinion,
the CCP is desperate to get a soft landing for its genocide and have it brushed under the carpet.
It wants to wash away its debauched criminality of live organ
genocide of Falun Gong practitioners with executed prisoners.
But the facts are in and cannot be erased or refuted.
The CCP has been condemned to infamy.”
World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of
Falun Gong has been providing evidence
of Chinese doctors and police personnel involved in the
gross piracy of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners.
The CCP has kept doctoring and manipulating the
so called protocols on human organ transplant to suit public disquiet,
and releasing the ludicrous propaganda that
only executed prisoners are the source of the organs.
CCP mouthpiece China News reported on April 15,
Human Organ Transplant Technology Clinical Applications
Committee chairman, former Vice Minister of Health
Huang Jiefu made the hellish confession on April 13 during the
National Health and Family Planning Commission’s Forum
on Human Organ Donation and Sourcing Standard Processes
and Technical Specifications,
that China’s dependence of executed prisoners
“will be eased within two years.”
Zhang Jia: “No other country steals organs from prisoners.
Faced with irrefutable evidence,
the CCP could not deny the facts.
Then the CCP confesses that it would pirate less
human organs in the future.
So if you murder people and were found out, and you
then turn around and say that you will murder less in the future. – it is absurd logic.
The CCP’s confession of using death row
inmates’ organs is unforgivable.”
Xu Qianchuan pointed out, that because of the
extreme secrecy surrounding prisoner executions,
we cannot get the essential details on how pirated
human organs wind up on the transplant black market.
Former Shen Zhen policeman Zhang Jianhua once
took his friend to pay a last visit to their family member.
To their horror they found out that their organs
had all been stolen.
Zhang Jianhua: “Tight security was all over the execution site.
There were six vans, possibly mobile surgery death cars.
Everyone knows the ghoulish surgery is performed
in the car and then the tortured victim is driven slowly to the crematorium.
When the bag was opened, there was a lot of blood.
It was a very nice nylon bag.
He saw that there might have been a surgery done.
So the body was put into the bag right
after the execution to steal the organs.
He saw that the internal cavity of the body was empty.”
Xu Qianchuan also listened at the “Tenth Meeting of the
Ministry of Health Human Organ Transplantation
Technology Clinical Application Commission” and the
“First Meeting of Organ Donation Committee.”
Xu Qianchuan was surprised that such a high-level
meeting of the Ministry of Health was organized by the world’s largest drug enterprises.
Xu Qianchuan said it reminds him of the rumors about
interest groups’ deep penetration into the public arena.