Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tortures in Masanjia Re-education-through-labor Center Unveiled

According to overseas human rights organization reports, in October 2000, Masanjia’s prison guards stripped 18 female Falun Gong practitioners naked.
They put them into cells containing male criminals, where they were raped. 


On April 7, China’s Lens Sight magazine published
an exclusive survey report, “Walking out of Masanjia”.
The 20,000 word report quickly gained widespread attention,
leading to massive social repercussions.
Many celebrities, echoed by China’s ordinary citizens,
openly condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
for its permitting the existence of such evil.
“Walking out of Masanjia”, an in-depth survey reporting,
unveiled the truth about Liaoning’s Masanjia
Female Re-education-through-labor (RTL) Center.
The witnesses disclosed tortures
they had undergone during detention.
These included electric baton shock, being tied to
a “tiger bench”, being hanged up or handcuffed to
a bed in a body-tearing position.
Also, pregnant detainees were forced to do labor work.
Violence and brutality in Masanjia RTL Center
has existed for many years.
A few months ago, an SOS letter was exposed in the U.S..
It was sent from a forced labor victim in Masanjia,
hidden in a Halloween toy bought by an Oregon resident.
The exposure unveiled Masanjia’s inhuman tortures to the
world. In China, media hardly dare to report similar news.
Many Chinese people were shocked
when learning of Masajia’s fascist crimes.
(Researcher, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Ma Yong: “I was shocked after reading the story.
That’s really beyond my imagination,
but exists in the 21st century.
don’t know how the authorities are allowed
to publish such a report at the moment.
It’s been widely circulated on the internet,
without being censored and removed.”
Jia Yuanliang, chief editor for a website focused on
the War of Resistance Against Japan, comments.
The truth about Masanjia RTL Center has been
little known to the public, he says.
Jia Yuanliang: “I can’t even imagine that in China,
after 30 years of opening up to the world,
there exist such inhuman tortures.
This indicates that the RTL system
really is against humanity.
Violence is used in persecution and
in physical and mental destruction.
I think Masanjia’s evildoing is truly terrible.
We cannot permit its existence any longer.”
According to overseas human rights organization reports,
in October 2000, Masanjia’s prison guards stripped
18 female Falun Gong practitioners naked.
They put them into cells containing male criminals,
where they were raped.
As a result five of them died, seven suffered mental
breakdown, and the rest were severely injured.
The tragedy shocked the whole world
after the exposure.
In February 2001, Report of the UN Special Rapporteur
On Violence Against Women stated that
Luo Gan, former chief of CCP Politics & Legislative
Affair Committee, was aware of the incident.
In the same period, Bo Xilai
took over as Liaoning governor.
Overseas media said female Falun Gong practitioners
held in Masanjia have all had horrible experiences there.
Some suffered sexual assaults while many
are still suffering mental collapse.
Some were shocked with electric batons,
with one death occurring over shocked breast festering.
The use of malicious and dirty means has
reached its maximum extent in Masanjia RTL center.
Their only goal is to force the detained Falun Gong
practitioners to give up their faith in Falun Dafa.
Ma Yong says that China’s media censorship
has blocked much truth from the public.
Ma Yong: “In China, the media is under rigid control.
One only can know what one is allowed to know.
You can’t get informed if the authorities don’t
want you to know, but the information exists there.”
Ma Yong says that the CCP authorities promised to
abolish the RTL system earlier, this survey report might
pave the way for the action.
Jia Yuanliang: “The unveiling of Masanjia proves
that the truth will come out finally.
A lot of people expressed their hatred towards the RTL,
system after learning the truth.
RTL doesn’t fit in today’s China, for the community,
the political system and the public’s psychological needs.
China’s RTL system must
be banned as soon as possible.”
Hong Kong writer Liao Weitang comments in his micro-blog.
He wrote, “Violation of human rights at Masanjia RTL Center
is far worse than that of Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
Why does the UN not intervene in that?”