Thursday, April 4, 2013

H7N9 Causes Bird Flu Panic in China

SARS 10th Anniversary Causes Bird Flu Panic in China


This year marks the tenth anniversary of the outbreak of SARS.
The recurrence of the H7N9 bird flu has killed
three people in Shanghai.
Recently, cases of bird flu also appeared in
the Jiangsu Province.
Authorities have not disclosed the source of the virus.
The Chinese regime used to conceal the truth.
As cases of bird fu increase, people in
Mainland China have started to panic and
countries surrounding China have also started to worry.
Hong Kong and Taiwan have made preparations
to stop the bird flu from spreading.
Following the death cases of H7N9 avian flu
in Shanghai and Anhui Province,
the Jiangsu Health Department have also
confirmed four cases of bird flu.
It is said that there are more similar cases
in Shanghai hospitals.
On 2nd April, the Shanghai Municipal Government News said
that a grade 3 influenza pandemic contingency plan is underway.
On 1st April, the website of WHO Beijing office
also updated its global warning information.
The outbreak of the H7N9 avian flu epidemic
has caused public panic in Shanghai.
Mr. Guo from Shanghai told NTDTV that on the surface,
our local government has provided a lot of information,
but in reality, no one knows the inside story.
Now, even the people surrounding him are beginning to panic.
Mr. Guo: When our Government refuses to release information,
some people are too afraid to buy meat or poultry.
Why? They said those dead pigs drifting on the
Huangpu River had no effect on us. People are cursing them.
So many dead pigs, how can the river stay unpolluted?
Let’s hear some grievances from Shanghai residents.
According to the Shanghai Municipal Center
for Disease Control survey,
Wu Liang Liang, who has died from the H7N9 bird flu,
was a pork vendor.
People suspect that the bird flu is related to dead pigs.
However, on 2nd April, they announced in a press
conference that no virus was found in dead pig samples taken from the Huangpu river.
Yon Ou, deputy director of the Shanghai
Municipal Agricultural Commission, said that
no outbreak of avian flu and swine flu was found
in Shanghai, so it is safe to eat pork and chicken.
But, many netizens have not been convinced.
Dr. Xie lives in the US, but worked as a physician
in Mainland China for more than 30 years.
He said although officials deny the bird flu is related to
dead pigs, the outbreak of it has been caused by environmental pollution.
Dr. Xie: “Because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has
no credibility, Chinese people will understand it from the opposite direction.
If they deny it, people think they are confirming it.
Now, they handle this issue the same old way by concealing it.
Because this matter affects their political achievements and
promotions, they will do everything possible to conceal it.”
A vaccine expert from Mainland China:
“It is reasonable for people to suspect the pigs.
They only took a few samples from the dead pigs,
and that cannot rule out the pigs being the culprit.
Thousands of pigs did not come from one pig farm,
but from different areas.
A few samples of dead pigs are not representatives of
a whole river of dead pigs being free of problems.”
The Health Department of Jiangsu Province said that currently,
there is no vaccine available at home and abroad.
A vaccine expert in Mainland points out that the H7N9
avian flu virus is a respiratory tract infection, with a high mortality rate.
Vaccine Expert:”This flu is highly contagious;
it is a respiratory tract infection. You must keep it under control.
Otherwise, it will spread immediately in the hospital.
That will be very dangerous.”
This year marks the tenth anniversary of SARS,
the “atypical pneumonia”.
In March 2003, China had a full outbreak of SARS.
In April 2003, China’s Ministry of Health held a
news conference in Beijing.
Zhang Wenkang, the former Health Minister,
had concealed a large number of cases, but claimed that
the epidemic had been effectively controlled.
He boldly said that it was safe to travel in Beijing.
Zhang Wenkang’s remarks misled not only
the Chinese people but also the entire world.
He was later condemned by the international community.
Thus, Hong Kong and Taiwan are ready to deal with
the spread of the H7N9 avian influenza virus.