Monday, April 15, 2013

Global Online Movie Screening Further Exposes Masanjia Labour Camp

Du Bin: “According to my research, including overseas’ media report, punishment and tortures are the most cruel towards Falun Gong practitioners.

If Chinese people in the Mainland have seen this, I believe that ordinary people won’t accept it. This may result in the Chinese regime being unnecessary and meaningless to exist.”


Recently, torture in Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp,
Liaoning Province were exposed by media
in Mainland China. It shocked the public.
Du Bin, a subcontract photographer of New York Times said
he would soon release a 100 minutes documentary film.
Again it will further unveil the horrific tortures
happening in Masanjia.
Du urges more people to be concerned and support this film,
which help the Chinese people speak out the truth.
Last week, Lens magazine in Mainland China published
an investigation report called “Walking out of Masanjia”.
It shocked the public and immediately became
a focus topic online.
However, all related articles and posts were soon deleted
under orders from the Ministry of Propaganda Department.
The Chinese regime censors this topic, the Chinese people
are not able to find further truth about Masanjia.
Thus Du Bin said that, on May 1st his documentary film “Women
above ghost’s head” will be screened online to the public.
It will further expose horrific crimes in Masanjia; hell on earth.
Du Bin: “In the film, several female inmates who had been
held in Masanjia telling people of their experiences.
What did they see inside Masanjia?
What did they experience and hear?
The purpose of producing the film is to let
the public know what they should know.
In Masanjia, they didn’t treat female as women,
rather to torture them and force labor.”
The 99 minutes movie recorded 12 former
Masanjia inmates’ talking to the camera.
The inmates in the movie includes petitioners
who went to appeal for their ill-treatment,
and Falun Gong practitioners
who are upholding their beliefs.
They described details of being tortured by
female police, ie. “Locking Up In A Small Cell”,
“Stretching”, “Shackling To Crosses”, “Hanging Up”,
“Tiger Bench”, “Electric Shocks” etc..
Du said that tortures of these female inmates are just a small
portion exposed among hundreds of labor camps in China.
Du Bin: “Recently, Masanjia Women’s Labor Camp was
exposed by media in Mainland China, which as only about 30%.
After several days’ exposure, the information
was deleted. What’s the reason to remove it?
Because it is not only happened in Masanjia
Women Labor Camp, it is also happened in Male and other labor camps.
According to my research and interviews,
many other similar tortures have taken place.”
Du said that actually, except for petitioners being tortured in
camps, the majority are Falun Gong practitioners.
Du Bin: “According to my research,
including overseas’ media report,
punishment and tortures are the most cruel
towards Falun Gong practitioners.
If Chinese people in the Mainland have seen this,
I believe that ordinary people won’t accept it.
This may result in the Chinese regime being
unnecessary and meaningless to exist.”
From April, 2000 up to today, Minghui website has published
8109 articles, commentaries and special editions.
It exposed Falun Gong practitioners’ experiences of
being tortured in Masanjia Labor Camp.
Du Bin: “We will use the Internet to show the movie
‘Women Above Ghost’s Head’.
I hope more outsiders will concern Chinese individual
documentary film producers’ current situations.
I hope in this critical moment, helping individual film
producers like me, is helping the Chinese people.
It is also helping all the Chinese people
to speak up and tell the truth.”
Following up the movie’s screening, more local
screenings and forums in the world will be organized.
At present, Taiwan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Europe
and the US are planning to hold the events.