Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kids Display Han Couture at NTD Competition

Since 2008 NTD Television has been promoting traditional Chinese Han Couture through its global competition series. On April 4th, Children’s Day was celebrated in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

On Children’s Day NTD held a competition for kids to take to the catwalk wearing traditional Chinese Han Couture. Here’s more from New Taipei City.


[Yiyi, Host]:
“Did you really come from overseas to take part? Which country did you come from? From Heaven? Wow, people really came from all over.”
“Because she is about to graduate from kindergarten, I took her to join in as a present.”
“I want to give her a memory that is hard to forget.”
[Parent of Participant from South Africa]:
“This is a really different thing, normally we wear modern clothes but now our kid is dressed like an ancient official.”
[Mr. Sun, Audience]:
“I feel that the essence of Chinese culture is displayed here.”