Monday, November 26, 2012

Chinese Hospitals’ Participation in Live Organ Harvesting


This September, at a U.S. congressional hearing,
Ethan Gutman testified on the appalling systematic
live organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party.
Zhang Jianhua, former police officer in Shenzhen,
just ended his trip to Hong Kong for a redressing of grievances.
Zhang unveiled inside stories about CCP public securities
and confirmed the authorities are taking organs from living prisoners.
US-based Zhang Jianhua was a former criminal police
officer in Shenzhen.
In 1996 at an execution site, he witnessed official vehicles
available for live organ removal.
Zhang Jianhua: “I remember that 11 prisoners were
executed that day.
six vans or four or five wagons arrived at the site.
Along the way they were guarded by security staff.
These six vans were probably used to do surgery,
organs were removed inside the vehicles.”
Zhang Jianhua recalled that one of the executed prisoners
was Chen Longzhan.
At request, Zhang took Chen’s younger brother
to see him for the last time.
Zhang Jianhua: “There was lots of blood inside the
package (to hold the body).
The organs had been removed immediately
after they had been shot.
On being seen later,
their bodies looked empty inside.”
Ethan Gutman, is a researcher at the Foundation for the
Defense of Democracies and the author of Losing the New China.
Since 2006, Gutman began conducting comprehensive
interviews with medical professionals, Chinese law enforcement personnel,
among these were interviews with
over 50 refugees from the Laogai system.
On September 12, the U.S. Congress held a hearing
on the CCP’s organ harvesting of Chinese religious and political dissidents.
Ethan Gutman testified at that congressional hearing.
Ethan Gutman disclosed that Harry Wu’s research shows
criminal harvesting began in the 1980s.
But in the early 1990s, it became a systemic practice.
Ethan Gutman quoted testimony given by Nijat Abdureyimu,
former special officer from Urumqi Public Security Bureau.
“Organ harvesting from living human beings, leave them
expiring during the surgery, of course, it is now become a routine.”
Ethan Gutman: “Based on my research, the practice began
in Xinjiang in 1990s. By 2001, the practice had expanded nationwide,
with Falun Gong practitioners providing a much larger
and more frequent and anonymous pool of potential donors.”
One of the witnesses is a Chinese physician in exile in
Europe, who worked for Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou 19 years ago.
In Autumn 1991, as a small medical team member, he was
carried to an execution site in southern suburbs of Guangzhou.
On site, 72 kidneys and corneas were taken from
36 executed prisoners, they were divided among local hospitals.
Each hospital van was equipped with skilled surgeons,
who finished removal within 15-30 minutes.
And organ transplants would be made within the next
six hours back in hospitals.
Ethan Gutman had interviewed eight Falun Gong
practitioners who had been imprisoned in different facilities.
They were all given strikingly similar medical exams,
such as large amount of blood drawn, chest X-ray,
urine sample taken, abdominal checkout and
close examination of corneas.
Ethan Gutman: “I defy Chinese authorities to furnish
plausible explanation for such tests or
why these tests were given to these thousands of
Falun Gong men and women?
Particularly the women were often matched with
an individual guard to prevent interruption.
Why were special buses arranged to take Falun Gong
practitioners away after extensive blood testing?
And why, as time progressed, were Eastern Lightning
Christians or Tibetan activists given the same exams?”
Ethan Gutman further points out that now the fact is that
these witnesses began to realize their strengthens collective narrative…
After learning the truth about live organ harvesting,
people will quickly grasp why the “Quit the Party” movement
cannot be “Reform the Party” movement.
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