Friday, November 16, 2012

WOIPFG: 610 Self-Exposes Trading of Human Corpses and Organs


106 American congressmen signed a joint letter asking
the U.S. State Department to publish the materials that
they have obtained on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
taking organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in China.
Shortly after, many Canadian political dignitaries and
congressmen condemned the CCP publicly over this barbarity.
On November 13, the World Organization to Investigation
the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) published
“The Investigation Report on the Resource of
Corpses for Plastinated Human Body Specimens”.
It exposes further evidence that the CCP does live organ
removal from Falun Gong practitioners.
From the investigation that WOIPFG investigators did
on the current Dalian Vice Mayor Sun Guangtian,
Head of Anatomy Department of Dalian Medical
University Sui Hongjin,
Director of a 610 office and other related people,
the CCP is directly involved in the maltreatment
and killing of Falun Gong practitioners, it sells the bodies
of Falun Gong practitioners to make money.
Among the respondents, Sun Guangtian was the
police chief of Dalian City,
and Sui Hongjin founded the Dalian Hongfeng Biological Technology Co. Ltd,
which is a human body plastination company.
This company that only used Chinese bodies
when Bo Xilai was Vice Secretary of Liaoning Province and Governor of Liaoning.
Sui Hongjin claimed that part of the bodies they used were
supplied by the CCP public security departments.
the corpse processing plant in Liaoning was able to grow into
the “world ‘s biggest human body plastination center”
thanks to the so-called “Care and Support” from
“CCP leaders at different levels all around China”.
Investigator: “What was the main source of the
bodies your company used ?”
Sui Hong Jin: “The Public Security Department gave us large
numbers ,the bodies were from Public Security Bureau.”
Mr. Wang Zhiyuan, the chief of WOIPFG said,
according to their investigation,
when Bo Xilai was ruling Liaoning,
most of the corpses and specimens were
the bodies of victimized Falun Gong practitioners.
Wang Zhiyuan: ”There‘re many several forms of persecution
and victims: one is the Falun Gong practitioners who were killed for live organ harvest;
Another took place in Wang Lijun ‘s laboratory,
The Death Penalty Needle Research Center,
Which is where many of the detained Falun Gong practitioners
were killed after the test.
Of course, there ‘re Falun Gong practitioners
who were tortured to death,
many others were killed directly for
the human body plastination plant.”
The political commentator Liu Ming said that in Mainland
China, the rise of human body plastination industry
started from the time when CCP started the crazy
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.
It is also the time Jiang Zemin ordered that the killing of
Falun Gong practitioners could be treated as suicide.
Liu Ming: ”At that time, in Dalian where the body
processing plant was located, the ruling person, Bo Xilai,
as following Jiang Zemin and
persecuted Falun Gong practitioners actively.
The body processing plant is close to several labor camps
Where Falun Gong practitioners were detained.”
Wang Wenyi is a Pathology Ph.D. who graduated from
the U.S. Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
She thinks the fact that Falun Gong practitioners
were killed for organ harvest,
and their bodies used for the body exhibition is not only
relevant to Chinese people, but to all the world ‘s people.
Pathology Ph.D. Wang Wenyi: “Hereby,
I have to raise a very serious question.
Such a crime against humanity is tragic a genocide
in modern times after the Second World War.
All of us need to have an attitude. It ‘s critical.”
Xue Peng is a Beijing Falun Gong practitioner, a former
Computer test project manager of Sony Mobile Comm. Ltd.
Says that the CCP ‘s persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners is too evil for words.
they don ‘t have any demands, but simply practice
“Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance
The CCP uses all its power to persecute Falun gong
practitioners out of pure jealousy. It is truly a heinous crime.
Xue Peng, a Beijing Falun Gong practitioner:
”As far as I know, I heard from some people
who have information that the (CCP) didn ‘t use anesthetics,
the organs were just taken from living people.
The people were in a comatose state, screaming when
organs were taken, and then dying.”
The report from WOIPFG pointed out that Sui Hongjin ‘s
company uses fresh corpses from a few hours to two days to make the specimens.
The families were not allowed to identify the corpses
which were then used,
without permission of the family of the deceased, the corpse
was then plasticized and exhibited for commercial gain.
Liu Ming thinks that as long as the CCP rules China,
the evil industry that uses “fresh corpses” to make money
will not be ended, and will continue to harm people.
If Chinese want to have a future, the only way forward is to
disintegrate the CCP, and kick the evil out of China.
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