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CCP ordered Drug Experiment on pneumonia patients

State Council Ordered Drug Experiments on Unsuspecting Patients

April 06, 2006
( After reading the news about the mass killing of Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I would also like to expose the harm that the CCP has caused the Chinese people in hospitals. I am a medical doctor. In spring 1999, when I was doing an internship at a hospital in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, my supervisor, Dr. Zeng Xiang (pseudonym) told us interns a horrifying and infuriating story.
Dr. Zeng did an internship at the renowned Xiehe Hospital in Beijing. The hospital had a station just for medical experiments. It was designated internally, unidentified, and remained unknown to the common people. The doctors working there were “specialists” receiving bonuses from the State Council. At that time, they were conducting experiments on an antibiotic. When given over the appropriate dosage, the drug had a side effect of fever. A large number of pneumonia patients were sent to the experiment station, unbeknownst to the patients or their family members. Almost none of the patients survived. It was up to the “specialists” to determine which patients were sent to that station.
Dr. Zeng said that pneumonia was easily cured by penicillin shots in any other hospital. However, if a patient was sent to this station, he or she was doomed. The doctors would start with the base amount and gradually increase the dosage, until the patient died. As soon as the “specialists” began prescribing the drug, the patients would develop a fever.
We asked why the patients did not run away. Dr. Zeng said, “They thought they were being treated in good faith. The hospital did not allow family members to stay overnight. Plus, their feet and hands were all tied together with bandages. After a couple of fevers, they were weak and sore, and could not run away at all. The doctors only cared about their data. They didn’t mind if some people died. Even after the deaths, the doctors often asked the interns to go to the morgue and remove the internal organs from the cadavers. The rest of the cadaver was incinerated. The ashes were given to the patient’s family members, who were told that the illness was too severe and the patient died despite efforts to resuscitate.
We asked if the patients’ family members ever questioned what happened. Dr. Zeng said that most people thought that if a renowned hospital such as Xiehe Hospital could not save them, no other hospital could. The doctors were able to do that precisely because of the public’s trust in them.
We asked if anyone said anything or intervened. Dr. Zeng said that the “specialists” received special bonuses from the State Council and conducted the experiments under orders from the State Council. Who dared to intervene? Those who knew the situation dared not talk about it. Sometimes when new patients came in, the interns would say, “More food has arrived.” The patients’ family members had no clue what it meant.
Actually, we can speculate based on the many hospitals and patients in China that most data collected from medical experiments there are at the cost of hundreds or even thousands of lives.
Note: Dr. Zeng is now over 50 years old. He has transferred from the military to a civilian hospital. Due to concerns about Dr. Zeng’s safety, his identity has been protected.
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