Wednesday, November 21, 2012

US Falun Gong Practitioner Appeals for Sister In China


Two sisters—a world apart. Now, one’s life is hanging in the balance. And the other is doing all she can to protect her sister in China. 
[Cui Aidong]: 
“My sister was kidnapped on October 31. Policemen followed her on her way back home after taking her child to school. The police broke in when she got home. They ransacked her home, and took her away. “
Now Aidong fears her sister’s life is in danger. Like Aidong, Aimin practices Falun Gong. It’s a spiritual practice persecuted by the Chinese regime. Falun Gong adherents are subject to torture, sexual abuse, and death. Aidong says her sister is now in one of China’s black jails, the “Jinan City Legal Training Center”, in eastern Shandong province. 
Appealing from Washington, DC, Aidong faces many challenges. Her English is not good. The bureaucratic hurdles, many. But that isn’t stopping her from speaking out. 
Aimin was kidnapped in the days leading up to Communist Party’s 18th Party Congress. During that period, Human rights activists, lawyers and dissidents of all stripes reported tremendous pressure and intimidation by authorities. 
[Zhang Erping, Falun Gong Spokesman]: 
“The persecution to Falun Gong practitioners was not eased during the 18th Party Congress. On the contrary, the authority took it as an excuse to intensify the persecution. Many Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and tortured during the 18th Party Congress with no reason.”
And if the US government would act, Aidong even knows the men who kidnapped her sister. 
[Cui Aidong]: 
“The people who followed my sister include Zhang Zhixin, chief of the City National Security Team. Another one is Qiu Yongxue, the deputy chief. They were both involved in the kidnapping directly.” 
According to Aidong, her sister started to practice Falun Gong in 1997. She credits the practice with curing her of Hepatitis B, a disease she suffered from for many years.
[Cui Aidong]: 
“To be honest, Falun Gong practitioners all cultivate Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, which is the true element that can maintain social stability. Can the society be stable if all of those good people were put in prison and detention?”
Now all that’s left is for someone to act.
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