Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Financial Compensation for Organ Donation? Commentator: This is Deceiving the Public


On November 22, China’s Vice Minister of Health,
Huang Jiefu, said in Guangzhou that China is building 
an organ donating and transplanting system which will help
in moving on from the dependence on executed criminals.
He is planning to launch an encouragement mechanism into
the system by offering financial compensation to donors.
But China has a tradition of keeping
the body whole when buried in the earth.
How can one voluntarily donate one’s organs?
Furthermore, how can one’s organs be donated for money?
Then how will the Chinese Communist Party
implement the planned system? Let’s see the report.
According to reports of local media, China’s Vice Minister
of Health, Huang Jiefu, is attending meetings in Guangzhou,
and has operated organ transplantation surgeries
on two consecutive days.
He said that China will use financial 
compensation to stimulate organ donation.
This would include remitting hospital charges, paying
for assisting in difficulty, reducing the tuition and tax, etc.
With these kinds of compensation, China will build
an organ donating and transplanting system in line with
China’s national situation and will no longer rely on 
executed criminals as a source of organs.
Mr. Bao from Hebei province: “Why I should donate without
any reason? I will die if I donate my organ.
Even for Hu Jintao or Xi Jinping, I will not donate for them.”
Mr. Zhu from Anhui province also said that he doesn’t 
believe in Huang Jiefu’s words.
He thought the so-called organ donating and
transplanting system is deceiving the public.
Mr. Zhu from Anhui province: “CCP is lying. It is deceiving
people. It said the organs are from donors, but you don’t know the real sources.
When Bo Xilai did live organ harvest from Falun Gong
Practitioners, he also deceived people and said the organs were from donors.”
Li Shanjian, an independent commentator thought,
according to Chinese tradition, both living people and dead will not donate organs.
Li Shanjian: “Even giving more stimulation, the donation
will be limited. But in China, there’re many organ transplant surgeries in hospitals.
The system is used as a shield, hospitals will use
other methods to get the organs when sources dry up.
They will steal the organs from 
prisoners of conscience.”
The source of China’s organ transplants is an issue that 
the outside world has been concerned and had doubts about for a long time.
The CCP keeps on changing the answers.
CCP authority keeps on changing the answers.
In June 2001, Dr. Wang Guoqi, who used to work for
Tianjin Armed Police corps Hospital testified at a hearing
at the US Congress that organs for transplantation are
from executed criminals.
But CCP refused and used many ways to avoid answering 
testifying that the organs were from voluntary donors.
In March 2006, the oversea s Chinese media “The Epoch Times” 
News Net unveiled for the first time that the CCP is doing live organ harvest on Falun Gong Practitioners.
April 2012, the spokesman of China’s Ministry
of Health denied this publicly and said that “transplant organs are from executed criminals”.
From that time, this explanation is used until now.
Before the 18th conference, the international community
paid more and more attention to the CCP’s live organ harvest on Falun Gong practitioners.
Including the U.S. human rights’ reports, hearings,
human rights’ organizations from different countries and
the United Nations asked for an investigation into the
evil crime of the CCP’s live organ harvest on Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience.
One day before the 18th Congress, the CCP claimed
in a magazine of World Health Organization that 
taking organs from executed criminals had been
Li Shanjian: “What the CCP is doing now is hiding.
It is trying to create a mechanism that is easy to accept.
It’s hiding the crimes which normal people can’t imagine.”
In September this year, a young man had spleen surgery
in Mainland China, but he found he had lost a kidney after it.
In recent years, the Mainland China media reported
many cases of children being lost, but after the corpses were found, the organs had disappeared.
Li Shanjian: “Because the CCP has set an example to people.
The money making mechanism is working.
And some people don’t care about killing people.
Gradually, this kind of persecution, this kind of crime will
impact everybody in society. Anybody could be a victim.”
Mr. Zhu also said that the citizen can’t afford to 
have an organ transplant.
Nobody wants to donate his/her organ for a corrupt
and dying official.
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