Friday, November 16, 2012

The Fallacy of Dialectically Evaluating the Chinese Communist Party

Self-Examination and Soul Searching: The Fallacy of Dialectically Evaluating the Chinese Communist Party

[Note: According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online, “dialectic” is a method of examining and discussing ideas in order to find the truth, in which two opposing ideas are compared in order to find a solution that includes them both.]
After having flipped through just a few pages of the Epoch Time’s Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, several of my friends asked me, “Why do the Nine Commentaries contain nothing but the flaws of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Why do they leave out the merits of the CCP? There are two opposing sides in everything and everyone. This shows that the Epoch Times is not fair and made biased judgements on the CCP.”
I smiled at their comment and told them a story. Once upon a time, a thug kidnapped a young maiden from the streets and locked her in his hideout for several decades. He did not kill the young maiden, but he made her perform hard labour each day and constantly raped her at night. Finally, the thug was brought into justice several decades later. During the criminal trial, his defence attorney told the court, “Why haven’t you learnt to evaluate a person dialectically? This man may be a depraved thug, but is he really all that bad? Doesn’t he have any good side of him? For example, he has provided for the woman (no longer a maiden) for several decades. Moreover, he could have killed her, but he did not. He spared her life. Shouldn’t this woman be thankful to him for these reasons?”
I believe everyone in his right mind would have serious doubts about the defence attorney’s mental health. Take the issue of Japan’s invasion of China during World War II. What would you think if someone made the following comments: The Japanese were doubtlessly horrible to invade China and slaughtered countless Chinese people for their sadistic pleasure, but we must not forget to respect the dialectic philosophy. There must be two opposing sides in everything. It follows that Japan’s invasion must have brought China some good results, so we must not completely disapprove of Japan’s invasion and their massacres in China. During the war tribunal, we must also recognise the positive results brought by Japan’s invasion and massacres in China; otherwise, we would be most unfair to Japan. With the dialectic philosophy in mind, we should conclude that there must also be positive results in bad things, even the most heinous crimes. It follows that no one should be punished for his crimes because his crimes must have brought some good results, judging from the dialectic perspective.
One cannot help bursting out with a question: “Is it right to use this type of logic? Is this how one should apply dialectic?”
There is a world of differences between a small mistake and a heinous crime, or between an honest wrongdoing and repeat offences. One is certainly abusing dialectic to apply it to the merit of cold-hearted criminals. True. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone does bad things, more or less. But when a person has made far more bad things than good things, or when a person does only bad things and continues to do bad things after repeatedly given opportunities to improve, he is doubtless a depraved man. When a person commits many heinous and inhuman crimes, he becomes a demon because he no longer fits into the definition of a human being. Demon seems to be the only appropriate title for this type of creature.
People call Adolf Hitler a demon, but even a demon like Hitler must bow to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the demon of all demons. The following statistics speak for themselves. Hitler and his Nazi army slaughtered six million European Jews. The First and Second World Wars killed 33.6 million people worldwide. After seizing China, the CCP Party killed at least 45.72 million Chinese people in its political movements, but the actual number is closer to 60-80 million. These statistics came from The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression by Stephane Courtois, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Panne, Andrzej Paczkowski, Karel Bartosek, Jean-Louis Margolin; ISBN: 0674076087; Publisher: Harvard University Press (October 1, 1999).
In reality, when a person commits a murder, everyone will condemn him with anger. When a person murders hundreds or thousands of people, the world will call him a monster or a maniac. But the CCP has murdered at least 60 million Chinese people. Why are the Chinese people afraid of calling it by its rightful name, monster or demon? The reason is that, like the young maiden in the earlier story, the Chinese people have been held hostages in the CCP’s den for over five decades. One may even call the history of the CCP for the past five decades a history of the Chinese people being held hostage because that is exactly how the CCP sustains its dictatorship. Because the Chinese people have been held hostage for five decades with their lives hanging on the mercy of their kidnapper, they have become too afraid to refute the CCP’s twisted logic. Apparently, their minds have also been held hostage.
Some Chinese people agree that the CCP has done a lot of horrible things to the Chinese people, but they think the Chinese people should still be thankful to the CCP because the CCP has led them this far. Don’t you find similarities in the story of the kidnapped young maiden? Should the young maiden be thankful to her kidnapper for keeping her alive in his den for decades until the thug had thoroughly consumed her beauty and the best years of her life? Everyone in his right mind knows that the young maiden would have a much better life outside the thug’s den with freedom and without the forced labour and repeated rape. Without the CCP, the Chinese people would most certainly have had much better lives. Everyone knows that the Chinese people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have a significantly better quality of life and freedom. We may even take a look at a bigger picture. The CCP has proclaimed itself for its “great leadership” because it has reformed its economic policies and opened its markets to the world. After 55 years of the CCP’s “great leadership,” China’s average GDP is only half of the global average. The CCP’s “great leadership” for the past 55 years is not even able to bring China’s GDP on a par with the global average GDP. It brought China’s GDP to only half of the global average GDP! This economic index reveals that the CCP isn’t at all “great” in its leadership as it has repeatedly proclaimed. We may conclude beyond any shadow of doubt that the Chinese people would enjoy a much better life without the CCP.
Dialectic is not the absolute truth. It has a very limited application. It cannot be further from the truth that everything absolutely has two opposing natures or sides. For example, how can the mankind dialectically conclude that god or Buddha must have a negative side? Or how can the mankind dialectically conclude that Satan must have some good virtues or compassion?
As the Epoch Time’s “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” has pointed out, the CCP is not a normal political party in mankind’s society. It is possessed by evil spirits from outside of the human dimension. It is demons from other dimensions that have been manipulating the CCP’s actions. Satan and demons do not have any merit or virtue. Likewise, the CCP possessed by Satan and demons do not have any merit or virtue.
Although these friends did not agree with my final conclusion, they unanimously agreed that the CCP had brainwashed us to accept that the CCP is “the love and soul of our lives.” That is why those of us who grew up in the Communist society refuse to listen to any negative comment about the CCP. Our sentiment, manipulated by the CCP’s brainwashing education, has gotten the better of us. If we would only calm down and think about the contents of the Epoch Time’s “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” we would agree that they contain nothing but the facts. The Epoch Times has done a good deed to publish unbiased commentaries on such a possessed political party that has committed the most horrific crimes in the world but has never repented. My friends have decided to meet me at the next public forum in our area discussing the Epoch Time’s “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.”
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