Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bo Xilai Family Under Investigation for Neil Heywood’s murder

Bo Xilai Family Under Investigation; Experts Doubt Gu’s Motives for Murdering British Businessman

On Nov.4, the 17th Central Committee of the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) approved decision to expel Bo Xilai and Liu Zhijun.
Bo is expected to be put on trial soon.
Recently, widespread doubts remain over the true motives
behind British businessman, Neil Heywood’s murder.
Sources said that Bo Xicheng, Bo Xilai’s younger brother
was under investigation. 
Bo’s other brothers and sisters may also be involved.
The Bo and Gu case seems far more extended.
Bo Xilai’s wife, Gu Kailai was tried for murdering British
businessman Neil Heywood. The case is concluded.
However, outsiders still believe many suspicious areas remain.
On Nov. 2nd Wang Xuemei, a well-known forensic scientist
from the Supreme Procuratorate told the Daily Telegraph
she believed that Gu’s officially accepted motive
for Heywood’s death was “absurd”.
She claimed it “was not possible that Gu did it just because
someone had threatened her son.”
She also discarded the rumor of romance between Gu and
Heywood had triggered the murder.
Wang Xuemei believes the motives of killing is to stop a big
and more complicated unspeakable secret being revealed.
Wang said the answer was in Dalian, Liaoning province,
Bo was mayor and met Heywood, becoming good friends.
Liu Ming, Current Affairs Commentator told Sound of Hope
that Wang didn’t reveal the truth clearly during the interview.
It’s worth focusing attention that the case needs to be traced
back to Dalian where Bo Xilai served as mayor.
Liu Yinquan, China Social Democratic Party’s Central
Committee moderator supports Wang Xuemei’s opinions.
Liu Yinquan: “Bo did two major things when he was
mayor of Dalian and governor of Liaoning province.
One is forcibly harvest organs from live
Falun Gong practitioners;
The second is to establish human dead body factory.
These two things are crimes against humanity. I guess
that Heywood knew and was involved in the crimes.”
Liu Yinquan said that it was impossible that Gu herself made
the decision, Bo was believed a man behind the scenes.
In September, Wang Xuemei used her blog to question
officials about evidence and motives of Gu to commit murder.
It drew public attention. Wang said her conscience
made her speak out.
However, the content was soon deleted from her blog
by the CCP.
Cai Guihua, a China democratic activist in the US: “This is
not only about the issue of power struggle, but also involved live organ harvesting.
Heywood may have shared in some of
the profit and knew the secret.
These are terrible things to seal the fate of the CCP.”
Cai Guihua said if the secret that Bo and Gu were involved,
is revealed widely in China, the CCP will collapse.
Duowei News website revealed that, now Bo Xicheng, Bo’s
younger brother was under house arrest being investigated.
The report said that it’s a serious matter over Bo’s affairs,
Bo’s brothers and sisters may also be involved.
Prior to this, Bo Xicheng has been mentioned by media.
In early April, he sent text message to his politician friends.
He told them “The Bo case has been confirmed by the CCP,
take care of yourself, no need to try.”
Liu Yinquan: “The case relates to big issues.
A single person is unable to do it.
There must be a group, maybe the Bo family is completely
involved. The investigation will certainly be extended.”
Bo Xicheng, a communist party member served as vice-director
of China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development;
and Director of Beijing Liuhexing Electronics Co. Ltd, Beijing
Liuhexing Hotel Management Ltd as well as
a director of Beijing Xingda Educational Foundation and
director of CITIC Securities.
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