Friday, November 9, 2012

Israeli Petition for Organ Harvesting Probe Draws Chinese Pressure


A diplomatic row is brewing between Israel and China. It comes after several Israeli lawmakers signed a petition against forced organ harvesting by the Chinese regime.
Chinese Embassy officials have demanded an apology from Israel, after nine members of Knesset, or MKs, signed a petition launched by rights group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting. A top Israeli transplant surgeon, Dr. Jay Lavee, is a member of the rights group.
The petition urges the United Nations to investigate allegations that Chinese state-run hospitals are killing prisoners of conscience for their organs. Volunteers from the rights group had approached the lawmakers to seek their support.
After getting pressure from the Chinese Embassy, at least two of the nine Israeli lawmakers retracted their support for the petition and apologized to Chinese officials. But at least half of them stood their ground, despite threats of being blacklisted from entering China in the future. 
Claims of forced organ harvesting in China have gained international attention. Lawmakers from Europe, Asia and the United States have all raised concerns over the allegation, and are calling on international bodies like the United Nations to investigate.
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