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Torture Methods Used at Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp Part 2 (Re-enactment Photos)

December 17, 2005
Torture Method 8: Wrapping the Body in a Thick Blanket and Applying High Voltage Electric Shocks

Figure 35

Figure 36

Figure 37
When using this torture method, the guards beat the practitioner with wood sticks, and then wrap the practitioner inside a thick quilt with the head inside the quilt and the feet sticking out. The practitioners can barely breathe. Two guards sit on the blanket and press hard on the head and chest, while another guard shocks the victim’s feet with an electric baton. Within half an hour, the victim loses consciousness. The minute the victim regains consciousness, the guards viciously punch his face until his mouth bleeds, his face swells, and his teeth loosen.
Torture Method 9: Squeezing the eyeballs and genitals 

Figure 38
Figure 39
This is also a very cruel torture method. The guards lock the practitioner in an iron cage with both hands cuffed to the iron bars of the cage. A guard holds the victim’s head from outside the cage and presses the victim’s eyeballs very hard with both thumbs. The victim is in extreme pain and loses his sight for over half an hour. (Guard Liu Dong tortured practitioners with this method.) The guards also burn practitioners’ fingers and squeeze hard on the practitioners’ genitals.
Torture Method 10: Hanging 

Figure 40

Figure 41

Figure 42 Tilted Cuffing

Figure 43 Horizontally Straight Cuffing
Figure 44 Hanging Cuffing
Hanging Method I: The practitioner’s hands are cuffed and he is hung by the handcuffs from an iron gate. The guards, in the presence of Zhang Haiping and Jin Fuli, beat the practitioner viciously. To show loyalty to their supervisors, the guards put the electric baton in the practitioner’s mouth and shock the mouth. The victim suffers severe pain. It takes a long time to recover.
Hanging Method II: This torture is also known as tilted cuffing. The practitioner is handcuffed to an iron gate with one hand at the top and the other at the bottom. His shoulders are stretched and tilted at the same time to the maximum possible degree. He cannot move, stand up or change his position. Most of the body weight is put on one leg and the head cannot be held upright, which makes breathing hard. The pain is excruciating.
Hanging Method III: This torture is also known as horizontal straight cuffing The practitioner’s arms are stretched horizontally to the maximum degree and cuffed on an iron gate. After a long time in this position, the victim’s shoulders may be dislocated; the arms become stiff and the victim moves with great difficulty.
Hanging Method IV: This torture is also known as hanging cuffing. The practitioner’s arms are held together, stretched and cuffed to an iron gate.
Torture Method 11: “Digging out the root” 

Figure 45

Figure 46
Figure 47
The practitioner must cross his legs into a double lotus position, and then his body is forced to the ground with the face down. The practitioner’s arms are then twisted behind his back and pulled as much as possible toward his head. One of the guards then steps on the practitioner’s arms, while another one steps on his back, and a third guard steps on his neck. Then, the guards beat the practitioner’s back with a wooden stick. Inmates Wang Jing, Shen Chuang, Guo Laowu, and Han Shuping also participated in torturing the practitioners.
Torture Method 12: Hitting the sides 
Figure 48
A guard grabs a practitioner’s neck from behind and pulls him back without warning. Then two inmates beat the practitioner’s sides with their fists.
Torture Method 13: Force-feeding
Steps of the torture are:
Figure 49
1. The practitioner’s arms are fixed on the armrest of an iron chair, and placed inside iron rings. His legs are kept in place by leather strips and iron rings. The upper part of the body is tied to the back of the chair with leather stripes. Thus the practitioner is tightly fixed to the chair. See Figure 49. 
Figure 50
2. Should the practitioner refuse to cooperate, the prison doctor pinches and hurts the practitioner’s face (the parts below the cheekbones). The guards use the handle of a screwdriver to hit the practitioner’s face and to force his mouth open. See Figure 50.

Figure 51
Figure 52
3. Should the above method fail, the prison doctor uses a pry instrument that is 1-foot-long and 1.5-inch-wide to open the practitioner’s mouth (Figure 51). The doctor also may use pliers to open the practitioner’s mouth. After the mouth is opened, the pliers are left inside the mouth pressing against the throat. This causes breathing difficulties. The front teeth become loosened or may fall out due to the prying. A lot of blood flows from the mouth. See Figure 51, 52.

Figure 53

Figure 54
Figure 55
4. Figure 53, 54, and 55: Force-feeding. The guards insert a tube about as wide as a finger through the practitioner’s nose into the stomach. As a form of torture, they insert and pull out the tube repeatedly until the practitioner suffers excruciating pain and his whole body convulses. They then force-feed horrible smelling stuff to the practitioner, not as a nutrient, but as a form of punishment.
Torture Method 14: Injecting unknown drugs

Figure 56

Figure 57
Figure 58
After the force-feeding, guards and prison doctors use very thick needles to inject unknown drugs into the practitioner’s abdomen and leg. Then they put the practitioner into a small cell. After 10-20 minutes, the practitioner will vomit and suffer severe diarrhea, lasting for about 2 hours. Then the practitioners feels extreme thirst. Some practitioners almost lose consciousness, though their eyes are wide open and unmovable. The guards record the practitioners’ symptoms in detail. We assume that these tortures were actually experiments with the drug. This torture has been going on since October 2000. Persecutors include guard Zhang Haiping, Jin Fuli, Ma Yong, Shi Qingshan and several inmates. In 2005, two law-enforcement superiors also watched the tortures. Practitioners tortured like this include Shi Baodong, Wang Zhoushan, Wang Wenqing, and Wang Guiling.
Torture Method 15: Pushing into a corner

Figure 59
Figure 60
The practitioner is taken to the torture room and a hard hat is put on the head. Guards handcuff the practitioner’s hands behind his back, and then push the practitioner into a corner of the room with a big chest. They forbid the practitioner to sit, sleep, or lean against the wall. When the practitioner closes his eyes, the guards hit the hard hat cruelly with wooden sticks. They also force the practitioner to watch video programs that slander Falun Dafa, turning the volume up as high as possible. If the practitioner remains firm in his belief, they shock the practitioner’s head, face, neck, back, or penis with electric batons. The most vicious guards are Li Songtao, Feng Zibin, Zhang Chunfeng, and Wang Jianguo. Feng Zibin once said, “We will let you rot in here if you refuse to “reform”.”
The head of the labor camp Zhang Haiping and Jin Fuli gave instructions, and guards in Group No. 2 directly participated in torturing practitioners. The guards are: Li Songtao, Han Lihua, Feng Zibin, Zhang Chunfeng, Zhang Jiabin, Mu Jinsheng, Mu Huaisheng, Wang Jianguo, Yan Guosheng, Han Jianjun, Yang Tinglun, and prison doctor Shi Qingshan. These guards were divided into three teams, and each team was assigned some inmates. After the torture, practitioners’ legs had turned black and purple, the bones were deformed and they could not walk or concentrate. Even after a few weeks and, for some, as long as two years later, the practitioners could still not walk normally.
Torture Method 16: The iron chair plus shocking

Figure 61

Figure 62
Figure 63
The practitioner is fixed to an iron chair. The guards then shock the practitioner’s neck, chin, and abdomen repeatedly. The torture continues until the practitioner reforms. The practitioners’ bodies have burn injuries, and their clothing sticks to their body.
(To be continued)
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