Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chinese Official’s Apology to Falun Gong Puts Party in Bind

By Zhang Jingren
Epoch Times Staff
Sunrise in China. Chinese officials asked for forgiveness recently from a Falun Gong practitioner that they had persecuted. (Getty Images)
Sunrise in China. Chinese officials asked for forgiveness recently from a Falun Gong practitioner that they had persecuted. (Getty Images)
A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official recently had his relative write a letter of apology to two Falun Gong practitioners for the officials’ involvement in persecuting them. The two practitioners are themselves sons of a high-ranking official, putting the Party in a bind. 
The letter, published by the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times on Oct. 27, said that the two men, who are brothers, were persecuted and sent to a labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. After being released from labor camp, the two quietly collected corruption evidence about the officials who persecuted them and have been demanding a sum of compensation and a public apology from their persecutors. 
The incident subsequently became known to the central government. Jia Qinglin, chairman of China’s Political Consultative Conference, met with the two practitioners to resolve the issue. The outcome of their negotiations was that if the practitioners do not drop their demands, the CCP will have to punish the officials of the local Political and Legal Affairs Commission (PLAC), the 610 Office, and the Public Security Bureau who were involved in persecuting them. 
After reading the letter, I came to realize how low the once mighty and despotic heads of the PLAC, the 610 Office, and the Public Security Bureau in China have fallen. Now they cannot save themselves. 
I know that the CCP officials at all levels who are involved in the persecution of Falun Gong pay close attention to media outside China every day. How would they feel when reading this letter? 
With the present turmoil at the core of the CCP, information about the Falun Gong persecution is coming to the surface and is getting out into the public sphere more and more. Sustaining the persecution is becoming increasingly difficult. 
While the top CCP leaders are fighting fiercely, and live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners is being more closely watched by the international community, there comes such a letter—quite a coincidence.
I believe that every CCP official from high to low will have read this letter within three days. What a huge impact this will have on the CCP. I can imagine the hopeless and desperate look on the faces of the officials who have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. After reading this letter, they will surely realize that sooner or later they will receive retribution. 
The Jiang Zemin faction is now going down. We have recently witnessed the plight of the Jiang faction heads. At this time, only fools would continue to implement the policy of persecuting Falun Gong. 
The letter is clear evidence that even Jia Qinglin’s visit could not settle this thorny issue. It is obvious that Jiang Zemin, who is on the way out, has no mind to consider the fate of his followers. For the sake of maintaining the CCP’s stability, the top Party leaders might not punish the perpetrators for their crimes of persecuting Falun Gong, but they can easily punish these people using other excuses. This would appease the public’s resentment and win the people’s heart—why not do so? 
In fact, the author of the apology letter did not understand one thing: It seems that the two brothers have good connections in CCP officialdom and have made good use of the persecutors’ vulnerability so that the high-ranking Party officials cannot avoid having to deal with the persecutors.
Actually, what makes the CCP senior officials panic is that Falun Gong practitioners in China and abroad are making the persecution known to more and more people. Especially since the Jiang faction is now on its way out, many top CCP officials realize that if they keep persecuting Falun Gong, they themselves will face punishment. Thus, these people are now shifting direction, not to mention that many of them had strongly opposed the persecution from the beginning. The scales are beginning to tip the other way.
Meanwhile, the two Falun Gong practitioners must have also realized that the tide was turning. If practitioners had insisted on compensation and an apology in the days when Jiang Zemin had newly seized power over the Party, the military, and politics in China, they would not have seen such an outcome. 
The official who wrote the letter is smart; he wants to assure himself an escape route. Actually, if this official wants to survive, he should expose the insider stories that he knows, and sincerely apologize to Falun Gong practitioners using his true identity, because huge changes are about to happen in China. 

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