Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for reporting on human rights abuses in China

NTD Canada President Awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal


The Diamond Jubilee. A celebration of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s 60 years on the throne. Her service to the Common Wealth of Canada was marked by a series of awards recognizing those citizens who have made remarkable contributions to the Canadian Community. 
Among those awarded the 2012 Diamond Jubilee medal was NTD’s Canadian President Joe Wang. 
[Master of Ceremonies]: 
“Joe Wang, Joe is president of NTDTV Canada, and a great supporter and great advocate for the fight against abuse both here in Canada and around the world.”
NTD and its partner organization, The Epoch Times newspaper, were both recognized for their dedication to bringing uncensored media into and out of China. Wang says the medal is a tribute to NTD’s timely reporting on human rights abuses in China.
[Joe Wang, President of NTD Canada]:
“It is official recognition of the job NTDTV has been doing for Canada and for Canadians, especially the continuous reports on human rights issues in China and in Canada, and specifically the bloody harvest of Falun Gong practitioners organs inside China. This is a crime against humanity happening inside China, which has shocked the mainstream Canadian society. And the Canadian government recognizes NTD’s contribution in this regard, and gave me this award. I am very thankful for the Canadian government.”
Last month, Wang was awarded “Freedom Fighter of the Week” by Sun News Network for his work in media. 
Wang is also the executive producer of the award winning film, Sandstorm, a movie that portrays the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
The Presidents of NTD and The Epoch Times are among 60 thousand citizens to win the Diamond Jubilee Award in Canada.
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