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Revelation on Forced Organ Harvesting Will Shock the World (Photo)

Canadian China Expert: The Revelation of Evidence on Forced Organ Harvesting Will Shock the World (Photo)

October 24, 2012 | By Yingzi in Ottawa, Canada
( During an interview on October 17, 2012, Mr. Brian McAdam, a former Canadian diplomat and renowned China expert, stated that if the documents of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners that Wang Lijun transmitted to the U.S. government are revealed, they will shock the world. The news would have a profound impact on individuals involved in the organ harvesting, and trigger a firestorm.
Renowned China expert Mr. Brian McAdam is interviewed
Efforts to Stop the Forced Organ Harvesting Suppressed 5 Years Ago
When Wang Lijun, former Deputy Mayor and Police Chief, fled to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province in February, he gave the U.S. government many documents, including details about forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. When this incident was brought up, Mr. McAdam recalled, “For a number of years, people were talking about the organ harvesting taking place from prisoners in Chinese jails and prisons. That was revealed about 2005 and there were a flurry of newspaper articles. A number of people were shocked by that, but then the whole issue died down completely.”
“Unfortunately, the world has been dazzled by China’s incredible economic reform and nobody wants to deal with things that might upset the Communist Chinese regime. So, these human rights issues are suppressed. Then David Kilgour and David Matas wrote the report, I think it was called ‘Bloody Harvest,’ which revealed many, many details about the organ harvesting taking place, and it caught the attention of lots of people and they got quite a bit of media attention, but again there wasn’t any action as such. It was sort of, it was there, but the economic trade takes precedent over everything.”
The Revelation of Forced Organ Harvesting Will Shock the World
Mr. McAdam believes that if the documents Wang Lijun gave to the U.S. are revealed, they might have more of an impact than these other revelations have had. He said, “I get the feeling that more and more people are becoming aware of this organ harvesting issue, absolutely. And if these documents, if they exist and they are revealed, the actual individuals in this organ harvesting, then it may have a very profound impact.”
“David Matas once said this organ harvesting is a new form of evil, which it truly is. It is an incredibly depraved activity. Because it becomes a problem for the Chinese government if it’s true and the Chinese government would like to keep this quiet and suppressed,” said Mr. McAdam.
He held that if this information was released, it would certainly shock the world. “The only time, it was, I think, the State Department just recently released a report on organ harvesting but again, there wasn’t the same impact as something like this could have. In any event this could be very profound.”
Mr. McAdam thinks that if the documents are released, it would force whoever is elected President to deal with this issue almost right away. Both candidates have said that they are going to deal with economic issues with China, but they just couldn’t ignore this one. This will be too big for them not to face.
Western Media Should Have More In-depth Coverage on This Crime
Speaking of Canada, Mr. McAdam doesn’t think that the Canadian media have covered this topic in depth as they should. He thinks it is really time for the media to discuss the details. He commended New Tang Dynasty TV and The Epoch Times for having discussed the issue in detail, such as that corneas are being sold for 30,000 dollars and hearts for 120,000 to 160,000 dollars.
“Should it be known what has been going on, it does affect the ethnic Chinese people who live in Canada and other parts of the world. Their relatives may be affected by this,” said he.
Only Communist China Has Such Horrible Activity
Mr. McAdam said, “Western civilization has had some horrible events take place in the world, if we look back at the holocaust that the Jewish population being burned, tortured and incarcerated. People at the end of that said, ‘Never Again,’ but these horrible events keep happening, and it is the lack of action against this evil which has to be addressed, because if evil goes on and no one does anything about it, it will continue and one would hope that the normal population would be extremely distressed and upset.”
“Something has to happen and that would be a great first step. And just educating the people about this whole issue and raising this issue to counter the Chinese government any time there is a forum where this is possible, we will do so.”
“It is only in Communist China that this horrible activity takes place and I think they have the highest rate of organ transplants in the world. All their sources are prisoners or members of Falun Gong or Uighurs or perhaps Christians.”
He concluded, “Absolutely, the Chinese government has to be censored on this issue and they will react if the governments around the world make them face the horror.”
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