Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taiwanese Man Exposes Illegal Organ Trade in China


There has been mounting international pressure on the Chinese regime over allegations it is harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience. A former Taiwanese investor in China says the Taiwanese government has so far chosen to remain silent, and so this week, he decided to take out an ad to raise awareness of the issue. 
Shen Po-sheng’s ad appeared in the Wednesday edition of Taiwan’s Economic Daily. It describes claims that the Chinese Communist Party has been harvesting and selling organs from persecuted groups including Uighurs and practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual practice.
[Shen Po-sheng, Former Investor in China] 
“Taking organs from living people is intolerable. It’s not something a human being would do. It’s unimaginable a person can be killed and their organs sold for 1.2million renmibi ($190,000). I cannot take this.”
Chinese authorities have admitted to relying on executed prisoners as a main source of organs for transplants. But rights groups, like Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, says those alone cannot support the 10,000 transplants that happen each year. 
Shen said the Tianjin Oriental Organ Transplant Center he visited to see a friend was flourishing with business.
[Shen Po-sheng, Former Investor in China] 
“Each room had patients going in and out. There were a lot of foreigners, from Pakistan, India, Japan. I heard them speak. Each patient is matched against four so-called “donors.” The hospital told my Taiwanese friend that the donors were all traffic accident victims, and their organs are reserved for foreigners. Locals cannot access them.”
In 2006, allegations surfaced that the Chinese regime was using tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioner it had detained as a live source of organs. Those claims have garnered increasing attention from the European Parliament, the United Nations and the United States.
Shen says the Taiwanese government is also aware of the forced organ harvesting allegations, but has chosen to remain silent. He says it’s because Taiwanese authorities want to maintain good relations with the mainland. 
[Shen Po-sheng, Former Investor in China] 
“The Taiwanese government definitely knows, but they’re all remaining silent because they don’t want to offend the Communist Party, or are afraid of being punished. If a Taiwanese reporter reports about Falun Gong, organ harvesting or self-immolations in Tibet, the reporter may be banned from going to China for 3 to 6 months.” 
China has become a popular destination for organ tourism, due to lax regulations and easy access to organs. Shen says he hopes his efforts can alert his fellow countrymen, so they do not becoming unwitting accomplices in illegal organ trade.
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