Saturday, October 6, 2012

CCTV Plays with Fire and Gets Burned

February 16, 2009 | By Feiming
( Chinese Central Television (CCTV) is the mouth-piece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). On the evening of February 9, 2009, a building attached to the north side of the new CCTV building caught fire. The fire burned for almost six hours. More than ten stories of the building’s inside atrium collapsed. Fireworks set off by CCTV in an empty lot next to the now-burned building’s southwest corner apparently caused the fire. This could be viewed as CCTV playing with fire and getting burned.
Chinese net-surfers reported news of the fire moments after it occurred through the Internet. CCTV, on the other hand, didn’t cover the news in a timely fashion, but instead covered news about a fire in Australia, even when they had knowledge of the CCTV fire. This TV station, supported by Chinese taxpayers, clearly doesn’t serve the Chinese public. It is a tool through which the CCP attempts to deceive people.
After the fire, although the CCP ordered a suppression of reports and comments about the incident, there were still many comments on the Internet. Generally, people have deep sympathetic concerns regarding fires or other disasters, but Chinese people talked about this incident with enthusiasm, because they are disgusted with the TV station.
This is not the first time that CCTV has played with fire. During the Chinese New Year in 2001, CCTV staged a “self-immolation” event to frame Falun Gong. In the self-immolation footage produced by the CCTV, actor Wang Jindong had a plastic Sprite bottle containing gasoline between his legs. The bottle was not damaged in the fire. A policeman held a fire blanket while walking behind Wang Jindong, and did not put the blanket on Wang Jindong until he finished speaking to the camera. CCTV seemed to be well prepared for the “sudden” self-immolation incident. Near-distance and far-distance angles were available for all camera shots. CCTV later went to a hospital for interviews with self-immolation victims. According to common medical practice, burn victims should not be bound with gauze, but the burn victims on camera were covered with gauze. A tell-tale sign of deception was when a little girl could sing clearly for the camera after her trachea was cut. CCTV staged the incident and utilized people’s sympathy to instigate hatred. It added fuel to the fire for strengthening the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, numerous practitioners were illegally detained, sentenced, and sent to forced labor camps where they were brutally brainwashed, tortured, and even persecuted to death.
This fire incident is just a warning. The so-called “news reporters,” serving as the CCP’s mouth-piece and deceiving people should reflect well upon themselves, stop framing Falun Gong and innocent people, and choose a new life by quitting the CCP.
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