Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Protest in Hong Kong over Communist-Linked Group


Anger is growing in Hong Kong over this group that many say is backed by the Chinese regime.
For six months, the Hong Kong Youth Care Association Limited has set their eyes on local Falun Gong practitioners. Large banners and loud speakers denigrating the meditation practice have become a common sight.
Now, the Hong Kong public says they’ve had enough.
[He Lai, Democracy Activist]:
“It’s become unbearable, we’re now looking into legal action, and have not ruled out taking further steps. I’m really angry and so are a lot of Hong Kong people.”
Falun Gong is heavily persecuted in China, but around the world practitioners have freely exposed the persecution. That included Hong Kong, until this June when the Youth Care Association came into the picture.
Since then, scenes like this have been spotted around Hong Kong.
On Saturday, those opposed to the Youth Care Association protested. Mr Wang led this group at the Star Ferry Pier on Saturday.
They questioned why Hong Kong authorities haven’t done more to stop the Association’s activities.
[Mr Wang, Hong Kong Resident]:
“I suspect the group is getting money from the mainland. We find this terrifying, it’s like the Communist Party is preparing to take over Hong Kong, using these kinds of banners to brainwash us. Why have the banners been allowed to stay on for so long? We’ve reported it to the government several times, but we’ve been ignored.”
On Sunday, a separate group held a small march through Chater Garden. They say the Youth Care Association does not represent locals.
[Mr Zhang, Online Activist]:
“They have crossed the line, they’re using the Communist Party’s methods in Hong Kong, posing as Hong Kong residents. Actually they cannot represent us, because most of them are mainlanders here on a travel pass.”
The row over the Youth Care Association is the latest in a series of anti-communist sentiment in Hong Kong.
Since Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying who is friendly with the mainland, was appointed Hong Kong’s new leader, protests have erupted in the city’s streets. Residents are wary of the Chinese regime’s encroachment on Hong Kong’s civil liberties.
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