Saturday, December 15, 2012

China Worries World is “Prejudiced” Against Communist Party


China’s state-run People’s Daily thinks the world is prejudiced against the Communist Party. That’s according to a commentary it published this week. The Party mouthpiece says this prejudice will hurt China’s rise on the world stage.
The opinion piece, published on the paper’s overseas edition, became hotly discussed. 
[Lan Zhixue, Beijing Lawyer]: 
“I for one have very deep prejudice against it.”
Responding to the commentary, reposted on, this netizen writes: “If one person says you’re not good, he may be wrong, but if 80% of the people say you’re bad, it’s time for reflections.” (
One Chinese lawyer says it is actually the Chinese regime that is prejudiced against others. 
[Fan Biaowen, Shenzhen Lawyer]: 
“The world is quite objective and impartial to the Chinese Communist Party. [The Party] stubbornly holds onto its own interests, and wouldn’t hesitate to reverse black and white for its own interests.”
The opinion article says despite prejudices against it, China’s rise will be peaceful. It says the Communist Party will have a wide path walk on if it quote, “loves China and mankind.” 
Some questioned whether the Party is capable of doing that. 
[Ma Xiao, Beijing Blogger]: 
“The socialist ideology of China doesn’t allow dissident. If someone reserves an opinion or holds a critical view of its ideology, policy or anything, the Communist Party will think it’s an attack or a gesture of hostility.”
While cautioning against western “prejudices” toward the Communist Party, the People’s Daily suggested that it will not be swayed by western values—stressing the Chinese regime will continue down its path of, quote “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
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