Monday, December 24, 2012

Son of High-Level Chinese Official Pursues Those Who Tortured Him

By Albert Ding
Epoch Times Staff
Zhu Qunqun is a son of high ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official who suffered extreme torture for 15 days and nights in 2009 for his practice of Falun Gong, a Chinese traditional spiritual discipline.
The 40-year-old resident Zhu Qunqun and his brother from Yangcheng City of Jiangsu Province started practicing Falun Gong in 1995. His uncle, Zhu Bin, is currently the chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC), and a senior cadre in Yangcheng. 
In the afternoon of Oct. 15, some men from the police department broke into Zhu’s rented office and took him away without a search warrant. His business partners were also called in for questioning, without any legal protection or due process. 
After arriving to a police station, Zhu was then transferred to another station where he was immediately tied to a torture device called the Tiger Bench, used to force victims to sit up straight on the bench with hands tied behind their backs and knees tied down. Keeping the victim on the bench position for an extended period of time causes immense agony and often permanent injuries to the knees and legs. 
Zhu was coerced to admit that he had printed and distributed materials about the persecution of Falun Gong in China, in front of a dozen interrogation officers.
The next day he was sent to a brainwashing center, called “Healthy Hotel”, because he has been uncooperative with the officers. This lead to more torture and interrogation.
Surprisingly, Zhu found one of the police officers, Cai Bin, rostered on the first shift for torturing him, was his old high school classmate, which he hadn’t met for nearly two decades.
Consequentially, over the next few days, Cai Bin has been the only officer who didn’t torture Zhu, due to friendship or conscience. Officer Cai even allowed his old classmate Zhu to sleep and take showers during his shift. 
Cai has also asked his other colleagues to “show mercy” on Zhu but was transferred away five days later, after being suspected to be a traitor by other agents. He was later investigated for his conduct when Zhu was put into the brainwashing center. 
The torture and interrogation of Zhu intensified after Cai’s departure from the interrogation team. Dozens of police and staff from the 610 Office arrived and began a round-the-clock effort to extract a forced confession from Zhu. “I felt every second was immensely long, it was burning me by the second,” Zhu wrote in an article published in the Chinese edition of The Epoch times. 
For the next 15 days and nights, Zhu lost consciousness five times from the abuse. 
Zhu wrote in his article, “Li Shouming, one of the interrogation officers would often wake me up abruptly by pouring glasses of cold water on my head. Sometimes, they would wake me up with a slap in the face or by pounding the table. Whenever I fell asleep for two or three seconds, they would use such treatment, which seriously ruined me physically. When I was transferred to Fang Qiang labor camp, I was woken up 20 times within a six-hour sleep.”
Other officers also avoided torturing Zhu, with some even helping him.
The long 15 days of unconsciousness and abuse came to an end, with Zhu persevering in his belief, admitting nothing, and still refusing to sign a paper repenting his practice of Falun Gong. 
Being a son of a high ranking CCP government official, Zhu has many high ranking friends within the system who were angered by his experience. Many of them later helped him track down those who persecuted him. 
“We have collected some evidence on Yangcheng City’s Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted and the facts are terrifying. Over the last few years, they have been tortured into forced confession and repeatedly suffered poisoning at the same time. We know for a fact that the chief of police wouldn’t dare to issue such commands, and the same goes for the Secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC)!” Zhu said. 
“Many Falun Gong practitioners have yet to recover from the poisoning, even today. Isn’t this inhuman persecution targeted at Falun Gong?” Zhu wrote in his article. 
Recently, a family relative has written an apology letter on behalf of one of the guilty officials, pleading for mercy, which has been published by the Epoch Times. 
Zhu and his brother, who was also persecuted, have been demanding the 610 Office and the local Political and Legislative Affairs Committee to hand over the surveillance recordings of their interrogations. 
After learning of these demands, the departments involved in the persecution were frightened, according to a local Falun Gong practitioner who was told so by police.
According to Minghui, a main Falun Gong website, the local 610 officials tried negotiating with the brothers, but the two have remained unmoved in their demands.

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