Thursday, December 20, 2012

166,000 Petition the UN to Probe Forced Organ Harvesting in China


More than 166,000 people from 36 countries have signed a petition, calling on the UN to investigate claims of forced organ harvesting in China. 
[Arne Schwarz, Investigator on Forced Organ Harvesting]: 
“This shows that indeed really a lot of people, really a lot of people for them it is not insignificant what happens so far away in China. I think this is really, really encouraging.”
The two groups behind the petition, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, and the Italy-based Nonviolent Radical Party presented the petition on Monday in Geneva.
Those who have investigated forced organ harvesting say the main group of victims is Falun Gong. One practitioner of the spiritual practice, Annie Yang, spoke about her experience in a Beijing labor camp.
[Annie Yang, Victim of medical tests in Beijing Labor Camp]:
“But organ harvesting is from what I know, because when I was at the camp they torture us, and basically all human rights were taken away, but I have a body check regularly I think every 3 month, very specific. You know eyesight, blood test, and kidney and chest x-ray and urine. They checked everything.”
Swiss bioethics researcher, Arne Schwarz, condemned the killing of individuals for their organs
[Arne Schwarz, Investigator on Forced Organ Harvesting]:
“Wanting to kill a human being, does it justify killing another one? And especially Falun Gong practitioners, usually they are young, healthy people which were not convicted by any court and were just put into detention and not at all because they did any criminal offence, but only because of their spiritual believes.”
The petition will be presented to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 
This month, another petition in the US was started, similarly calling on the US government to investigate the matter.
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