Wednesday, January 23, 2013

European Parliament Tackles Human Rights in China


Torture, organ harvesting from live prisoners of consience, long prison terms, harrassment, Internet censorship – these are just a few of the human rights violations discussed at a hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels last week.
Overseas dissident Su Yutong, who now works as a journalist for Deutche Welle, was one of the guest speakers. She told an audience of over 100 people the story of her exile and described the suffering human rights lawyers, journalists, and petitioners undergo at the hands of the Chinese communist regime.
Members of the European Parliament, EU officials, human rights activists and dissidents attended the hearing.
The day before the hearing, Su spoke with blind lawyer-activist Chen Guancheng on the phone.
[Su Yutong, Human Rights Activist]:
“Because I talked to him after he (Chen Guangcheng) arrived in the U.S., he told me just this one thing: please believe me, even though I’m abroad, I will not be cut off from China, I will still do whatever I can from here.”
Sakharov Prize winner Wei Jingsheng expressed his concerns about the worsening situation of human rights in China through a video message.
[Wei Jingsheng, Sakharov Prize winner]:
“Nowadays the human rights situation in China is in the most dangerous phase. Judicial authorities have been transformed into mafia, which will definitely make the whole society rapidly enter the time of Nazi Fascists or that of the Culture Revolution.”
In her work for a German international broadcaster, Su Yutong is dedicated to reporting on the true situation in China.
[Su Yutong, human rights activist]:
“The CCP regards the issues of Falun Gong, Tibet, Uyghur muslims and June 4th (The Tiananmen Square massacre) as the most high pressure and red-line problems. As far as I can see, just like what I said in the speech during the meeting, lawyer Gao Zhisheng was sent to prison simply because he provide legal help to Falun Gong practitioners.”
The so-called “Human rights dialogue” that politicians choose as a way of addressing human rights problems in China, so far has brought minimal results.
[Barbara Lochbihler, Chairwoman of Subcommittee on Human Rights]:
“The human rights dialogue with China has been reduced from 2 sessions a year to one session a year at the request of the Chinese, and in any case the results of these dialogues in terms of improving human rights in China are not really visible.”
[Su Yutong, human rights activist]:
“The Chinese Communist Party takes its economic growth for granted, and does not care in the slightest about the criticism it receives from the rest of the world about human rights.”
In addition to Chinese activists, some Members of the European Parliament are also raising awareness about human rights situation in China:
[Tunne Kelam, Member of the European Parliament from Estonia]: 
“Authorities are harvesting human organs on a massive scale especially killing imprisoned people for this purpose.”
As for the Chinese dissidents living overseas, they remain committed to supporting the Chinese people who are longing for freedom.
[Su Yutong, Human Rights Activist]:
“Just as Ai Weiwei has said, I will not feel free as long as there is one single person who is not yet free. Therefore, as to my heart, in actual fact I am bound to the fate of these people, and I am still not free. So I must keep doing everything I can.”
Wei Jingsheng also pointed out in his video message that history has proven many times that the short-sighted policy of Western democratic countries, which overlook human rights abuses for economic advantage, can lead to grave consequences.
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