Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mature Pregnant Woman Currently in Forced Labor Camp


49-year-old Liu Yuling was reportedly pregnant
last August, when she was sent to Masanjia
Women’s Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province.
Currently, she will be 6 months pregnant, but
is forced to work long hours in the labor camp.
According to China’s laws, pregnant labor camp
inmates should serve sentences outside the prison.
Human rights activists also urged the
authorities to release her as soon as possible.
Liu Yuling from Dalian City, Liaoning Province
has been a petitioner for 11 years.
Because her home was demolished,
she repeatedly went to Beijing to appeal.
She was stopped and detained many times.
In July 2012, she was sentenced to one year
of forced labor camp for ‘disturbing social order’.
Liu’s husband, Wang Zhen, said Liu went to
Beijing to petition for many unresolved issues.
Within the written decision were allegations
that Liu was disrupting social order.
Wang Zhen: “My wife has been a petitioner for more
than a decade. She has never done anything illegal.
The allegations in the decision
were fabricated by authorities.
The Wang family raised a complaint, accusing the Dalian
municipal government of repeatedly fabricating evidence,
illegal deprivation of liberties, and abuse of human rights.
Wang Zhen spoke in an interview with Radio Free Asia.
A few months ago, he told the labor camp that his
wife was pregnant, but the labor camp remained silent.
In October 2012, labor camp staff sent Liu for a medical
examination, but they refused to give her the results.
Wang Zhen: “My wife’s belly is getting bigger,
but she still has to sew for 9 to 14 hours daily.
Since I filed a complaint, they have prohibited
my wife from talking to anyone outside the camp.
They have also deprived her of family visits.”
Huang Qi, Director of “China Skynet Human Rights Center”,
believes that Liu Yuling is a mature pregnant woman, and
she is no longer under existing labor camp regulations.
Huang Qi: “Currently Skynet has contacted a lawyer on
behalf of Liu, and will probably have a checkup soon.
We are trying to get her released within a few days.”
According to labor camp laws, pregnant women
cannot be detained within the labor camp system.
Huang Qi asked Dalian local authorities to
immediately and unconditionally release Liu Yuling.
Huang also calls for a thorough investigation.
Li Tiantian, Mainland human rights lawyer: “Re-education
through forced labor is a violation of human rights.
Detaining pregnant women in the camps
is a violation of human nature.”
On November 29th, 1979, the State Council issued
the “Supplementary Provisions of the State Council on Re-education through labor”.
It defined the reeducation through labor system
as detaining citizens for 1-3 years, and if
necessary, may be extended one more year.
China’s labor camp system is notorious, and
widely criticized by scholars at home and abroad.
A law professor published an article, “The abolition
of re-education through labor system is an inevitable
requirement of China’s progress in human rights”.
It proposed that any decision to detain
citizens must be disclosed by the court.
At the same time, the trial verdict shall come from due
process of the law, not from the decision of public security.
On January 7 2013, Mainland China’s official media
reported on Meng Jianzhu, secretary of the Central
Commission of Politics and Law Committee.
It reported that Meng announced during a political law
and work conference that a proposal for the abolition
of re-education through labor system has been sent
to the National People’s Congress for approval.
However, some lawyers suggest that if the
abolition of labor camps takes place, the public
security will probably use other means to limit
the freedom of petitioners and dissidents.
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