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The CCP Reveals Its Evil Nature by Attempting to Sabotage Shen Yun

January 29, 2013 | By Tang En
( On January 5 and 9, 2013, the globally acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts took the stage at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Meanwhile, news came of local thugs hired by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents trying to cause an explosion in the gas tanks of Shen Yun’s tour buses, a terrorist act.
Since its first season of touring in 2006, Shen Yun Performing Arts has won rave reviews from audiences in many countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Its performances of pure kindness and beauty and its showcase of divinely inspired traditional Chinese culture have been warmly welcomed all over the world. People in the free world are perplexed and outraged by the CCP’s criminal attempts to disrupt performing arts with violence.
CCP’s Evil Acts Are Exposed; People Support Shen Yun
Over the past few years, just before Shen Yun performances the CCP embassy, consulates, and agents usually try to create problems by harassing sponsors, flooding ticket hotlines with hostile phone calls, and instigating interference from Chinese students. When these attempts fail, the CCP tries to coerce local governments, legislative bodies, and theater venues. The CCP has made a fool of itself with such indecent behavior and has become a laughing stock in the international community.
Ticket sales for Shen Yun have remained strong despite challenges with the global economy. The three touring companies have sold out venues in many cities throughout North America. The CCP has followed the evolution of Shen Yun with anxiety and pulled out its full bag of tricks in trying to deter Shen Yun’s rise. In Mainland China, Shen Yun DVDs are widely distributed, and Shen Yun has become a household name. Many Mainland Chinese citizens have applauded the return of true traditional Chinese culture.
Before Shen Yun’s first tour of South America in 2009, the CCP pressured Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attempted to coerce it to reject visas for members of Shen Yun Performing Arts. The Argentinian government refused this unreasonable demand. Shen Yun Performing Arts obtained the visas, and the performances were a huge success. Through this endeavor and many others like it, the CCP was unsuccessful and only invited humiliation upon itself.
The venue for Shen Yun performances in Seoul, South Korea was harassed by the CCP. The CCP threatened to refuse Chinese visas to the staff at the venue and threatened to harm the venue’s investments in China. On February 3, 2009, a court sided with the presenting organization in South Korea. The CCP again failed in its criminal attempts, and Shen Yun performed for the third time in Seoul. The finale was sold out.
In 2010, DR1, the biggest television station in Denmark, broadcast an in-depth report, “Venues Meet with Pressure from the CCP,” during prime time. The program took one month to produce and involved interviews with over 80 people. It exposed the evil acts of the CCP and helped more people see the truth. Twenty-five legislators from various political parties in Sweden signed a congratulatory letter to Shen Yun and condemned the CCP’s acts of damaging freedom of speech in Sweden. Seven federal-level legislators issued a joint statement announcing that they would attend the Shen Yun performances.
CCP Fears Divinely Inspired Culture
Shen Yun showcases the richness and diversity of China’s divinely inspired culture and provides a feast of performing arts for the audience. Its contribution to advancing the cultural exchange of East and West has been significant. As such, it has received congratulations and support from the governments and legislative bodies of many countries. So what is the CCP so afraid of? Why does it target Shen Yun? Let us look at this issue from the perspective of the inheritance of authentic Chinese culture.
Chinese history is a cultivation-based culture that includes Buddhist and Taoist concepts. The culture emphasizes “reflecting inward and reaching harmony between heaven and humankind.” Many cultivation stories talk about returning to one’s true self and becoming a deity or a Tao. These stories have been passed down through the generations for thousands of years.
For a long time, the CCP has been suppressing freedom, violating human rights, and destroying traditional Chinese culture. Especially during the Cultural Revolution, traditional values in Chinese society were almost completely ruined. The CCP then infused its own party culture into Chinese culture. The 80 years of the CCP’s history is a legacy of killing China’s divinely inspired culture.
Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party exposed the fact that the CCP has conducted an unprecedented campaign to ruin traditional Chinese culture, starting in the 1920s with killing land owners. Since then, many precious books and documents have been destroyed. Ancient temples have been vandalized and torn down.
In such an environment, atheism and Marxism permeate the teaching materials at schools of all levels. Younger generations do not know of traditional values such as kindness, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, and faith. Revering heaven and earth, Buddhas, and the divine is labeled as “superstition” by the CCP. The principle that good deeds are rewarded and evil meets with retribution is defamed as naivety and stupidity.
The 5,000 years of Chinese civilization comprise an authentic culture imparted by the divine. Shen Yun displays authentic Chinese classical dance and shows the essence of the divinely inspired culture at its best. It resurrects the deep inner meaning of reaching harmony with the universe, as well as the value of life and humanity. Shen Yun’s global tour has caused quite a stir and has led waves of people to return to traditional culture and values. No wonder the atheist CCP is restless about this development.
Exposing the CCP’s shameful acts is one of the best ways to put an end to them. Since Nine Commentaries on Communist Party was published, over 130 million people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The CCP’s collapse is just around the corner and is the will of heaven. Those who choose to team up with the CCP and act against their own consciences will meet with due karmic retribution.

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