Monday, January 28, 2013

South Korean Activist Tells of Abuse in China


On Wednesday a South Korean human rights and democracy advocate said Chinese security detained him on March 29 on charges of threatening state security. Kim Young-hwan and three other activists arrived back in South Korea on July 20 after being detained over three months in China’s Dalian city. 
At a news conference in Seoul, Kim Young-hwan said North Korea was involved in his arrest.
[Kim Young-hwan, Human Rights Activist]:
“The Chinese Public Security authorities told me North Korea’s State Security Department suspected plans of kidnapping or terrorism by an activist, so they had to arrest us to prevent that.” 
Kim was offered release under two conditions. He rejected both. 
[Kim Young-hwan, Human Rights Activist]:
“First, they wanted me to admit that I had broken Chinese laws. Second, they wanted me to promise that I won’t say anything about the harsh treatment by the Chinese authorities if I go back to South Korea.”
The South Korean government has asked Chinese authorities to investigate Mr. Kim’s claims of abuse.
Kim did not elaborate on the “harsh” treatment, but said he was forced to work during his detention.
[Kim Young-hwan, Human Rights Activist]:
“At first, it was very tough. I was forced to do 13 hours of labor everyday.” 
Mr. Kim says his group was in China to investigate human rights abuses in North Korea and to help North Korean refugees in China.
Mr. Kim has campaigned against injustice since the student movement back in the 1980′s. He opposes and campaigns against North Korea’s harsh human rights abuses.
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