Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zhuge Liang – Chinese Historical Character Portrayed at NTDs Dance Comp


Shen Yun male dancer Yuan Ming chose another great figure from the Three Kingdoms. 
[Yuan Ming, Shen Yun Male Dancer]: 
 “I’m portraying Zhuge Liang, who’s one of the most famous strategist in Chinese history. I’m doing a dual dance and we try to portray the talk at Longzhong and during this conversation, at the place, Liu Bei who’s one of the three leaders of the Three Kingdoms, went to look for Zhuge Liang and asked him to help him.”
Yuan, who won the Male Adult Division Bronze Award, talks about how he integrated Zhuge Liang’s familiar characteristics into his portrayal.
[Yuan Ming, Shen Yun Male Dancer]: 
“Chinese people, they know him from several characteristics, first is the fan. You’ve a fan, you’ve the hairdo, and he’s wearing robes. He’s very wise, very calm, and very steady in his moves.  I think that one of the strong points of classical Chinese dance is to be able to portray some very good moral value, and for this piece is righteousness… doing what is right at the right timing, at the right moment.”